Thursday, September 20, 2007

Best To Help Others

I told my boys that I would give them major praises on my blog at how wonderful they have been lately. Part of me wants to mutter it's about stinking time but the other part does nod my head in approval.

This is week two of our Bible study and since Thing1 and Thing2's school stuff is all on computer (happy dance) they volunteered to help out in the nursery while Curious J did two pages of school work. All the moms have thanked me and said that they have been a huge help. I just nod my head with understanding.

I try to block out those memories of having two 31/2 year olds and a newborn. It was a struggle to go anywhere. Had to make sure the older two had gone to the bathroom before we left and make sure the baby was fed and then go out the door only to have to rush to the first bathroom we could find. I was so worn out that most times I wanted to turn around and just go home. I was frazzled, a wreck and that made me to be a short-fused momma. It wasn't pretty.

So I tell the boys how I didn't mean to be a scary Mom but that having toddlers does that to you (not to mention so do a couple of pre-teens) and that we should help out new mothers since there was no one there for me. I must have been scarier than what I thought because these guys have helped unload a few moms as well as reload - like the diaper bag, bible, purse, and round up the kids. Thing1 had a slippery baby and I grabbed the little wiggle worm before she went splat so he grabbed the door. Once they were on the way we took one of the teenage helpers home and just huge out.

I so love home schooling!! I should add today. Today I love home schooling because of the flexibility of it. There are days when everyone is in my face that I sometimes think okay I've had enough. We learned a new trick on the SOS where it can read to you. Boys can't wait to try this out with history tomorrow.
As I watched some of the moms I am happy to be beyond that stage, but at the same time wouldn't mind to do it again. I've come to the conclusion that this is a complete blockage of past memories. This must be some weird cry for attention I just haven't read about. But I will say that I'm really enjoying my boys now that they are a bit older. I really wish I could just freeze all of this. It just seems like life moves too fast and I know we are no where near as busy as 'normal' people. I don't live in my car running from one thing to the next and I'm okay with that. I remember that when the boys were younger and we were always doing something and they would complain that they didn't have time to just play. They are quickly coming to the stage where their play will be something totally different. Sigh.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Family - ya just can't pick them!

It's probably a good thing you can't pick your family. No - serious. Would you really stretch as a person if your family didn't drive you half insane?? My brother use to joke that he frosted hair for free. The amount of grey hair he can produce on someone is testimony to that statement. And isn't it nice that his children are taking over for him. Isn't that special?!

I'm originally from Indiana. When I was around 8 we moved to Michigan. I think I went kicking and screaming. I had vowed I would move back someday. It hasn't happened yet. I met my husband at Bridal I mean Bible College. Got my M.R.S. degree at a very young age and before I could say Bob's not my uncle I was pregnant - with twins. I remember we had just said we were going to wait a couple of years to figure out what we were going to do with um, LIFE when we got hit with that surprise. "You can lay your well laid plane up your well laid. . . " you get the picture. Now that we are coming out of the fog called survival we thought maybe just maybe we had this life thing down. Yeah, right!

Where was I?

Oh yeah, family. When we bought our first house last year my Grandma was all upset and said she guessed that means we weren't going to move back to Indiana now. Good Lord, was she waiting all this time?? Talk about hope springs eternal! I guess I should mention that my Grandma is a champion worrier. We're talking gold medal worrier and don't you know she taught every one of her grand daughters the art of worrying. My parents would constantly tell me growing up that I need to be more positive. I would hear them later wondering where did I come up with this stuff. They're kidding, right??

My grandparents are getting real close to 90. They still live in their home that I can remember my whole life. They called a few weekends ago wanting to know if my husband would come down and put a seal on their roof as my Grandpa should NOT be any where near a ladder. We don't mind helping but the gas prices are pretty spooky as it takes $100 just to fill the gas on hubby's truck. And I wonder why I never go anywhere. So we went down and my gracious husband did several of their 'while you're here' things. No biggie but I couldn't help but wonder where were my other cousins like the ones that live down there? I could tell they didn't want to ask us but they didn't have anyone that would do it.
So two days ago Grandpa called and said that it needs a second coat and Saturday will work out fine for them. Alrighty then. The funny thing is we didn't get there fast enough for my Grandfather so he called my other cousin, who is the golden grandchild and lives half an hour away, if he could come help out. He is married to the nicest gal in the world and they have 4 cute children. He brought them and my Aunt and Uncle too. It was so nice to see them and we were all soo happy that the other cousins with their evil children weren't there. We all had fun talking while the guys got done in no time flat all while Grandpa slept in the recliner. When they were done he got up and made them scrap up the spots off the deck and then went back to sleep. It's moments like this that I worry that my husband grumbles about fine print on wedding vows, but luckily for me he doesn't. At least not that he admits.

Grandma shoved some money in our hands to help with gas, thank God! And after stuffing us full of hot dogs and homemade soup or as we call homemade gas-maker, we were on our way home. Best rootin' tootin' soup there is as that's what you'll be doing. It's funny that when you're visiting the ones you love it makes your heart feel warm verses visiting the ones you can't stand that you count the minutes, nay the seconds to when you can bolt for the door.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

To Switch or Not to Switch

I have a blog already, but it's a yahoo blog. While I'm still new to all of this bloggyland I've been debating about switching. I like my yahoo blog as I can change back grounds and my avatar's outfits (who said paper dolls were dead?) but for some reason unbeknownst to me I couldn't get a comment if I bought one. Every now and then a few have pity on me and say something.

I've followed all the rules that I'm aware of in blogdom but continue to get the cold shoulder. I was informed that yahoo is the black sheep of the blogworld and no respectable Christian gal would wonder over. I beg to differ as I have had a lot of people checking they just don't say anything. I'm not that needy that I need comments but it's starting to creep me out that I started in June and have almost 800 people stop by and zippo on comments. Was it something I said, uh, typed?

So that has left me wondering. Do I stay or should I go? I haven't heard the best about yahoo 360 - I've tried joining the cool blog rings to no luck and most of the time I can't comment on other people's blogs if I don't have a blogger account. And you can forget adding the cool buttons and scriptures on the side! Won't happen.

I did what any normal person would do and emailed my pretend BFF Sophie better known as BooMama and begged for her advice. She graciously emailed me back thus ensuring her title of BFF and gave some good advice. She highly recommended trying Blogger again. Oh, I guess I should mention that I tried months ago to get a Blogger blog but it wouldn't let me. Or I couldn't figure it out which is possible because the hang up is I'm an idiot and can't seem to figure out computers. 'Grog must push buttons' seems to be my fingers mentality. I would like to figure out how others post those remarks with a slash through it. I've heard that's somewhere in Html land and I started to gloss over and end up sounding like Grog. Do you ever wonder if they were passing out brains that maybe someone thought they said slow trains? Hmmm, if I have any doubt to this I can go to a family reunion. However if I want to feel good about my level on the food chain I can go to my husband's family and rest at east that I'm from good stock - and he's not. Actually he's still holding out for DNA testing so he's not claiming them either. Dang Grog took me on bunny trail.

Where was I? Oh yeah - BooMama has got it down. Girlfriend even has a podcast. I, of course thought this was something that broken pea pods had to get - cast? broken eh, never mind. So I'm still trying to decide what I should do. My husband thinks that I would get more comments (as I have heard that this is the same as crack but not that I would seek that) and more traffic as I would be able to join blog rings etc. I named both blogs the same because I don't want to confuse myself any more than what I am. Now I don't know if I should post the same thing on both and see if his theory is true.

Well, if you stumbled on to this and want to give your 2 cents worth - go for it. To blog on Blogger or to stay at Yahoo 360?? That is the question!