Thursday, September 20, 2007

Best To Help Others

I told my boys that I would give them major praises on my blog at how wonderful they have been lately. Part of me wants to mutter it's about stinking time but the other part does nod my head in approval.

This is week two of our Bible study and since Thing1 and Thing2's school stuff is all on computer (happy dance) they volunteered to help out in the nursery while Curious J did two pages of school work. All the moms have thanked me and said that they have been a huge help. I just nod my head with understanding.

I try to block out those memories of having two 31/2 year olds and a newborn. It was a struggle to go anywhere. Had to make sure the older two had gone to the bathroom before we left and make sure the baby was fed and then go out the door only to have to rush to the first bathroom we could find. I was so worn out that most times I wanted to turn around and just go home. I was frazzled, a wreck and that made me to be a short-fused momma. It wasn't pretty.

So I tell the boys how I didn't mean to be a scary Mom but that having toddlers does that to you (not to mention so do a couple of pre-teens) and that we should help out new mothers since there was no one there for me. I must have been scarier than what I thought because these guys have helped unload a few moms as well as reload - like the diaper bag, bible, purse, and round up the kids. Thing1 had a slippery baby and I grabbed the little wiggle worm before she went splat so he grabbed the door. Once they were on the way we took one of the teenage helpers home and just huge out.

I so love home schooling!! I should add today. Today I love home schooling because of the flexibility of it. There are days when everyone is in my face that I sometimes think okay I've had enough. We learned a new trick on the SOS where it can read to you. Boys can't wait to try this out with history tomorrow.
As I watched some of the moms I am happy to be beyond that stage, but at the same time wouldn't mind to do it again. I've come to the conclusion that this is a complete blockage of past memories. This must be some weird cry for attention I just haven't read about. But I will say that I'm really enjoying my boys now that they are a bit older. I really wish I could just freeze all of this. It just seems like life moves too fast and I know we are no where near as busy as 'normal' people. I don't live in my car running from one thing to the next and I'm okay with that. I remember that when the boys were younger and we were always doing something and they would complain that they didn't have time to just play. They are quickly coming to the stage where their play will be something totally different. Sigh.