Saturday, September 8, 2007

To Switch or Not to Switch

I have a blog already, but it's a yahoo blog. While I'm still new to all of this bloggyland I've been debating about switching. I like my yahoo blog as I can change back grounds and my avatar's outfits (who said paper dolls were dead?) but for some reason unbeknownst to me I couldn't get a comment if I bought one. Every now and then a few have pity on me and say something.

I've followed all the rules that I'm aware of in blogdom but continue to get the cold shoulder. I was informed that yahoo is the black sheep of the blogworld and no respectable Christian gal would wonder over. I beg to differ as I have had a lot of people checking they just don't say anything. I'm not that needy that I need comments but it's starting to creep me out that I started in June and have almost 800 people stop by and zippo on comments. Was it something I said, uh, typed?

So that has left me wondering. Do I stay or should I go? I haven't heard the best about yahoo 360 - I've tried joining the cool blog rings to no luck and most of the time I can't comment on other people's blogs if I don't have a blogger account. And you can forget adding the cool buttons and scriptures on the side! Won't happen.

I did what any normal person would do and emailed my pretend BFF Sophie better known as BooMama and begged for her advice. She graciously emailed me back thus ensuring her title of BFF and gave some good advice. She highly recommended trying Blogger again. Oh, I guess I should mention that I tried months ago to get a Blogger blog but it wouldn't let me. Or I couldn't figure it out which is possible because the hang up is I'm an idiot and can't seem to figure out computers. 'Grog must push buttons' seems to be my fingers mentality. I would like to figure out how others post those remarks with a slash through it. I've heard that's somewhere in Html land and I started to gloss over and end up sounding like Grog. Do you ever wonder if they were passing out brains that maybe someone thought they said slow trains? Hmmm, if I have any doubt to this I can go to a family reunion. However if I want to feel good about my level on the food chain I can go to my husband's family and rest at east that I'm from good stock - and he's not. Actually he's still holding out for DNA testing so he's not claiming them either. Dang Grog took me on bunny trail.

Where was I? Oh yeah - BooMama has got it down. Girlfriend even has a podcast. I, of course thought this was something that broken pea pods had to get - cast? broken eh, never mind. So I'm still trying to decide what I should do. My husband thinks that I would get more comments (as I have heard that this is the same as crack but not that I would seek that) and more traffic as I would be able to join blog rings etc. I named both blogs the same because I don't want to confuse myself any more than what I am. Now I don't know if I should post the same thing on both and see if his theory is true.

Well, if you stumbled on to this and want to give your 2 cents worth - go for it. To blog on Blogger or to stay at Yahoo 360?? That is the question!