Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Computer Hates Me

I tried to post another youtube clip - twice but for some reason it wouldn't show up. I thought I would share my misery but the computer took pity and spared you.

What could be so bad, you ask? Okay, you didn't, but now I have to explain the misery so lets face it - curiosity will get the best of us.

We were flipping through the channels late one night and came across a biography on Weird Al of all people. I think he's funny and his musical talents are incredible. I have no idea how he can sing so fast. I think he's goofier (if that's a term) than me (if that's possible). Personally, I'm just thrilled that he finally shaved that caterpillar off his upper lip and got rid of the fro.

They showed an animated clip of Wiesel Stompin Day. It was soo funny that I was cracking up laughing so hard it started a coughing fit. Thanks to having children I'm now a leaky faucet and had to run to the bathroom. I would like to claim that my experience with absorbent material is only limited to once a month but that would be a lie. There should be some type of warning as to how much something can hold.

Okay, you're retching - I'll try to stay focused.

The next day my husband looked up Weird Al on youtube and as luck would have it our boys heard it. They thought it was funnier than we did and were piled on the floor laughing. And to boot they are Lego freaks so when we found little Lego videos to go with the songs they latched onto it like a dog on a injured cat.

Weeks later, I still have some of these songs going through my head. Like the Sega Begins to American Pie: "My, my this here Anikin guy, maybe later someday Vader but now he's just a small fry. He left his home and kissed his mommy goodbye singing soon I'll be a Jedi. Soon I'll be a Jedi." or something like that. It's stuck good. I've even tried singing Veggie Tales to help block it out but so far no luck.

I tried posting the White & Nerdy video clip simply because Donny Osmond is dancing in the background and it's hysterical. I kid you not! And when someone posts a clip from youtube it's like a mouth to the flame - you just cain't help it! So take a sigh of relief that you're not tempted. Or go to youtube and look up Weird Al's White & Nerdy.

However, if the clip shows up mysteriously some time day - twice - then my computer is just as spiteful as I am and for that I'm truly sorry. Well, sort of.