Thursday, October 18, 2007

Does God Grade On A Curve?

With the last few days I truly do wonder if God grades on a curve because it's been rough!! Happy dance when I make it verses hide the face when I blow it, which may explain why I walk around with a pillow.

Got a phone call nice and early from my Dad. He had a flat on the bike we took him and he didn't have any money to get it fixed. He said the store wasn't open yet and the tire place didn't have any bike tubes and could I please help. Major thanks to my aunt and uncle that gave me some money for Dad or this would have been impossible.

Got the boys up, dressed, grab breakfast and out the door in record time. Made the hour long drive at a good pace and found my Dad. Bleary eyed I went into the hardware store and paid for the bike tube to hear the cashier say, "You're a good daughter". I about broke down bawling right there, but instead thanked her. She said she wished her Dad was still around so she could do stuff to help him out. Said he died of cancer and that her Mom wouldn't let her be around him. I said I would like to kick my Mom in the head too. Dad didn't appreciate that one. Where was that pillow?

BUT, very big but, that was yesterday. I should finish this story, after the bike tire was fixed we wrestled the bike into my van with three kids in it and gave my Dad a ride to work. Once we got there the rear door, which I swear hates me, wouldn't open. I say it hates me as it only opens for my husband. So we had to wrestle the darn bike out the side door after kicking all passengers out. Whee.

Back to that BUT - after a weird day yesterday, today turned out interesting. We all slept in which is always good. Went to do a devotional and it turned into an all day talkathon.

Ever had on of those?? Where someone says something that brings up something that had hurt someone's feelings and don't you know we all have to add our two cents worth to this pile type of talkathons?? And they say boys aren't moody, yeah right!

So that BUT is still there - kind of like mine, hmm - and in the course of this talkathon it turns out that Thing1 is EXTREMELY upset with my Mom. At one point I wanted to say take a number and get in line, but this anger was so intense he wasn't seeing that he was taking it out on his brothers. He's not a baby, he's soon to be 12 and all it's glory and the emotions are already working over time but this is something that has hurt deep. It took ALL DAY to finally get to the root of what was going on. That feeling of wanting to kick my Mom in the head was back extra strength this time.

He said he would be able to forgive her if she would just say she's sorry. Oh how do you explain something like this? Yes, kiddo I feel your pain. A lot of talking and encouragement to forgive even if he NEVER gets an apology. After a lot of airing of feelings and praying all the boys had a lighter load by evening while I was saying 'calgon take me away'. Do they even make that stuff any more?

Oh and did I mention in the course of the talkathon it turns out my nephew told the boys the birds and the bees? Oh yes he did. We were aware of this as it came up about a month ago and hubby took older two for a hike and THE TALK. He said he answered some questions and it went well. So I thought that areas was covered for now. Now picutre me wondering how did I even get into THIS conversation (it started with me telling them I have reasons for not letting them watch certain movies as part of our devotional). I approached it as what did the little jerk say and I'll fill in the blanks or correct it - that approach worked! I honestly don't know who's face was redder! The funny thing was Thing1 was bright pink and for the most part couldn't even look at me while Thing2 asked to know the whole enchilada and even stopped me to ask more detailed questions.


If the rapture would have happened today around 3:20 p.m. that would have been my fault!!

The whole time I kept wondering how did their father get out of this and I thought he covered all of this! But I guess it was inevitable as I seem to have to add my two cents to everything concerning my kids - so why should this be any different?

Found out a lot of what public schools are teaching and have to say I now have reason six million, eight hundred seventy-four thousand, nine hundred fifty-two why I home school. Their tolerance for all should not include teaching the, um, mechanics of that life style thankyouverymuch. Also IF I see my nephew again he's got some 'plaining to do (and better pray that I don't smack him)!

So there I am totally spent watching my boys - all three of them - with a lighter spirit. A weight was lifted off and for that I'm so thankful to God - thankful for the insight that I knew something was going on and the wisdom on how to get through it.

But also left with some frustrated feelings at my nephew for his garbage and my Mom for not seeing how her actions have affected others. Would love to slap them both up side the head. Not an easy thing to sit here and point the boys towards God, that we need to follow Jesus' example on how to treat people, but want to act really bad towards people that are 'family' (I use that term loosely now.)

We've had to step back and pull away and it truly amazes me the garbage that has been flung at me by my Mom and my brother (nephew's dad). They've questioned my beliefs and said that my claim to being a Christian is false because I'm saying they are wrong. But yet I look at the fruit in both of their lives and wonder about them. The question who's right and who's wrong as wondered through my head on more than one occasion.

More than what I can put into words but for now, at this moment my kids are okay and the mark of all this junk isn't on their brow weighing it down with worry. I hang on to that to keep my own at bay.