Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy Soggy October 1st!

It's cold and wet - yup it's fall!! I like fall when it's sunny and colorful. The grey clouds and puddles every where is no fun especially if I'm suppose to walk to the post office.

We had a good weekend. We took my Dad a bike to use while at K-PEP. Too long a story to go into it here but I did put it on the other blog if you actually care. Got to talk with him for a bit. It sounds like he's reabilitated himself and is willing to pay taxes and be a normal person. Yip-peee!! Anyway, he sounds like he wants to get his life back. Now if we can just talk some sense into my Mom - life would be grand.

Got to see some relatives Saturday night. It was good to see them and they loaded me up with bags of clothes for the boys. Major yeah!! All three boys got a hand full of clothes and I'm happy with that.

I now must summon up the ambition to actually clean the house in anticipation of the in-law invasion. Shouldn't be too bad but the cooking for a small army is what drains me. Okay a small army with a big appetite. Did I mention they like to eat?? Any more it's my kids that are eating everyone under the table. I now tell them to drink water and tell themselves they are full. For some reason they don't find that very funny, go figure.

I'm off to make a Caramel Apple Drink: 8 oz hot cider, topped with whipped cream, sprinkle with cinnamon and then drizzle caramel over top. Yum-O!


roibn said...

oooh, have a caramel cider for me too-yum! ( no whip for mine though)
Got fresh cider just yesterday, you can freeze it and unthaw mid-winter for a treat:) good stuff.

Joanna said...

I didn't know you could freeze it - how do you keep it from exploding out of jug??