Thursday, October 4, 2007

If It Smells That Bad Why Are You Eating It??

That is what my youngest son wanted to know when he caught a whiff of a South Beach Diet granola bar. Apparently a bowl of cereal and milk is too challenging for me first thing in the morning so I've opted for granola bars.

But he kept saying how nasty that smelled and how could I possibly put that in my mouth without gagging. This is coming from the child that gags at anything he thinks is gross. The list is too long to mention. He then declares that he is only going to put good smelling food in his mouth and went around sniffing everything.

What he failed to realize is that his normal 'you're so funny' tactics don't mean a hill of beans first thing in the morning. Nope, no it don't.

My Dad was on my case saying that I'm not training the boys for the real world. I beg to differ. How many people have cranky, demanding bosses that they get to see every morning? Got that covered. So now if someone yells at them for being .5 minutes late it won't even phase them. They might be so bold as to say, "Is that all you got?"

All three of my guys for some reason has dared ask me that question once - first thing in the morning. It was a lesson on the graciousness of God that they are still alive to enjoy oxygen coming through their noses instead of their ears. Lesson learned.

While I'm sure my Mom's goal in life was to sound like a drill sergeant (goal achieved) mine isn't. Actually I should probably apologize to all the drill instructors out there for that comment. God knows y'all try, but she could put a tear in your eye. Hey that rhymed!!
Oh, it's one of those days! I better go finish cleaning the house for the in-law invasion. Yeah, that's it, the fumes from the, eh, cleaning stuff, yeah that's the ticket! The fumes made me do it.