Thursday, December 11, 2008

Insert Title That Makes Sense

Since I am the only female in our house, I’m starting to feel that I am wired completely different. Due to the fact that there are a handful of males that read this, I just can’t give you the satisfaction so I will maintain that all guys are wired very weird.

Some even have serious faulty wiring.

We’ve been discussing Christmas stuff lately. Hubby has wanted to get the boys camping stuff. I, of course, sneered at him and asked if he was joking. After a few long pauses it dawned on me that he wasn't joking. I said I would think about it and dropped it.

Lately, I’ve been listening to the conversation amongst the guys and was a bit surprised that the topic was camping. The older two are totally into it with J only so-so.

This made me think – what is wrong with these people???

We all love it when they get to go camping while I stay home. I go once a year and that is just to prove my love. They would love it even more if I came along all the time. Not happening.

Between us, I think I would do more except it’s always a money issue. How can camping be a money issue? Then clearly you haven’t camped. You have to drive there. Last spring it cost us over $200 dollars in gas – one way. Then there is the food you have to bring. And all the extras like bug repellent and potty chemicals cuz I ain’t squatting over a tree branch thankyouverymuch.

It all adds up which makes me wonder why are we doing this? Oh that’s right, it was in the wedding contract labeled under fine print. Dagnabbit.

Hubs was totally geeked to get the older two backpacks for their birthday. I intervened and got them Guitar Praise. They are still singing my praises. But this time around with nothing else to throw in the way I had to give in.

Why would I resist when it gives me alone time? I know how this will work. I’ve already heard it from Hubby.

H: "Look they have a pink backpack on sale."
Me: "I think the boys would take offense if you got them something pink."
H: "I meant for the female in the house."
Me: "You didn’t make a female in the house so don’t know what you’re talking about."
H: "I meant for you."
Me: "Did I give you the impression that I wanted to go backpacking? Matter of fact, have I ever given you the impression that I wanted to go outdoors, on purpose, at all?"
H: "Well you’ve come to enjoy…"
Me: "Tolerate"
H: "Okay, tolerated camping so as the boys get older I really want to go on a hiking trip."
Me: "See ya when you get back."
H: "You wouldn’t want to go along?"
Me: "Oh could you please load me down with more weight than what I already carry and then tell me to slump it up and down hills? Could we really?"
H: "But it’s pink so you should like it."
Me: "Wow. Underneath that cute exterior there lies a man who still doesn’t get it. Let me clue you in – just because it’s pink doesn’t mean I will automatically like it. You tried wrapping your mother in pink one year and how did that turn out?"
H: "Still bitter about that one are you?"
Me: "Fond memories of lessons learned."
H: "So that’s a no on the pink backpack?"
Me: "You got it, genius."

This conversation will continue

I was sitting in the living room gazing at the Christmas tree and was really trying to figure out what to get the kids. I can still get away with some toys for J but the older two already got what they wanted for their b-day.

I looked down at the Wii that is still tormenting me when a light bulb moment went off over my head.

When I told Hubby I was rather stumped on what to get the kids his eyes lit up glee and pulled out close to 20 camping magazines and his camping list. His typed camping list. I should know as I typed it. We are efficient if nothing else.

Actually, he types so dang slow I was starting to have twitches so I shoved him out of the way and did it for him. What's really creepy is M types just like him.

Faulty wiring.

I will give Hubby credit, he suggested a few things and even came up with a brilliant plan on the stockings. I nodded my head in total agreement until he tried the pink backpack again.

I think I just made my Hubby’s Christmas.

He even promised that they would be using all this camping crap junk all without me dragged tagging along. I made him swear on a stack of bibles.

Mr. UPS man delivered the backpacks today. Hubby was giggling with glee as he pulled them out and checked everything. The amount of enjoyment he got from it was worth it. And true to form - one green, one blue. J will get an old one which happens to have some red in it so he'll be fine. He just wants some Batman stuff so it'll all even out.

Tonight I was laying down on the floor where I scootched closer to the Wii and gently whisper, "He fell for it."
Come spring/summer it will be just me and Wii.


Kerri said...

I love your conversations.
"So that'd be a no onthe pink backpack?"

"You got it genious."

Oh, never change, Joanna. You just crack me up!

Anonymous said...

You two are freaking hilarious. Glad to hear there's good times going on for all of you. And I just can't believe you can't change your own shoes. HEE HEE HAHA Margie

jubilee said...

I think you are the genius, but don't tell your hubby I said that, m'kay?

As if pink makes it all OK. Sheesh!

Fuschia said...

First off, Jubilee, pink DOES make it all okay! :)

So basically, you are getting a Wii for Christmas? Niiiice.

Julie said...

*rofl* .... I will be laughing all day! ;)

Now, while I enjoy camping (at STATE campgrounds WITH our trailer, showers, and flush toilets), I wouldn't go on a hike like that!... In fact, I think a hike like that would kill me. Seriously. *lol*

Chris said...

boy howdy... I am really behind on my reading. How did I miss all that? thanks for the catch-up. ps. camping is VERY expensive. I have a shed full of "stuff" to prove it:)

The Blonde Duck said...

I probably would have gotten the pink backpack just because it was pink. I'm bad like that. said...

If hubby wants to take the boys camping, let him have them! I am with you. Pink backpack - no thank you.

bermudabluez said...

I like camping .... in my RV! And I don't like doing much outside so I sure can relate to this post!

You are seriously funny!!!

"You got it genius"....hahahahaha!