Monday, January 19, 2009

A Bunch Of Randomness

I hope y'all are surviving the cold and if you are in a heat wave please just keep it to yourself.

We got the washing machine thawed and managed to get 4 loads of clothes done before we went off to do something. When we got back the clothes were frozen inside the washing machine. It took a lot of quality time with the hairdryer plus letting hot water just soak in it. Finally got the darn thing working and I stayed up until 1 a.m. getting clothes washed.


But better than having no clothes.

It turns out there is still no work for Hubs and holy smokes I feel like I am doing some deep breathing not to panic. To add insult to injury we are out of chocolate and I'm having some woman issues.
Oh cramps how you slay me leaving me in a fetal position. If Midol ever wants to give me a case or seven - I am your spokeswoman! Or go for a new angle - put my kids on the screen thanking the makers that they can live another day.

I wonder if they can make a male version?

I'm still not happy that chocolate does not help dudes chill out with their emotional issues. Now what? Ever noticed for guys give them some violence and all is right in their world? Please tell me this isn't just my guys.

It is the strangest thing. Me? I want a hot pad, chocolate, something hot to drink, more chocolate and something with salt. The guys? Pop in a movie where all the bad guys gets pummeled, let them have a pillow fight, and there is world peace. At least in these walls.

In keeping up with the randomness theme, I still haven't called my Mom back. I really thought I would call her this afternoon, but I kept wondering if I was just opening up a can of worms. I'm trying to have some peace with the whole mess so if I call and an argument breaks out am I really keeping peace? Wouldn't it be better just to not call than getting all upset? There is no clearing the air so not sure what to do.

No easy answers that's for sure!

I got tagged by Edwina for another photo tag. Yet again, I feel the need to explain. I don't know why but this just cracks me up. I've tried to come up with some blog post that I could justify adding this on but never came up with anything that was semi decent. How sad is that? I only went for semi.


Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

Iz never dun dis befor eiver, but I think you did a good job.
I feel your pain with those darn monthly cramps :(

Julie said...

Your CLOTHES were frozen in the washing machine?!?!?! ... DANG, now that's COLD! I don't think I would even want to venture into your laundry room!! (Is it in your basement or something? Ours is right off the family room, and is as warm as the rest of the house.)

Sarah said...

Your clothes froze!? Wow, that's cold!

grandmamargie said...

Oh, good grief. Your clothes actually froze in the washer? I sure hope it warms up some where you are. It was cold here for a couple days but the sun is out today and it is a LOT warmer. But you didn't want to hear that did you? Sorry.

Leigh@intentslife said...

I'm praying jobs start rolling in!

Between the frozen laundry, testosterone overload, and PMS maybe you should make a chocolate run. :)

jubilee said...

A little randomness never hurt anybody!

I can't imagine having the clothes frozen AND running out of chocolate on the same day. Honey, I feel for ya. That's why I commandeer the kids' Halloween candy (after a few days they forget how much they had to start with - which is way more than any human should consume in a few weeks time anyway) and hand it out Grinch-like: so I have some on hand in dire emergencies.