Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No Good Rotten Day

I am so frustrated I’m about ready to scream. Oh wait, I already did that. It was a no good ugly nasty day.

Is this a teenager thing, a boy thing, a twin thing, or a lazy thing? M has two speeds – slow and extra slow. He is smart, a sharp cookie, and has insight on things that are beyond his years. Yet the dude can’t move faster than a turtle – half dead – on a cold day.

He spent yet another day still doing his school work all the way up to dinner time. It’s not that he doesn’t know it or understands it he just doesn’t want to do it and therefore will take an excruciatingly long time. He gets so frustrated with me griping at him to move his butt he has been caught cheating just to get me off his back and to get it done.

Another proud moment for me as mom and teacher.

I was thinking he doesn’t understand it but that is not the case. When he’s motivated to do it he flies right through it with hardly a mistake. I have yet to find what motivates him. He takes forever to get out of bed, to get dressed, and to brush his teeth. I'm starting to think he's doing this on purpose to drive me batty.

Last year I was so frustrated with the wailing and gnashing of teeth, and that was just mine, that I told Hubs I was done. Did not want to home school no mo - had enough of it thankyouverymuch. He said we would pray about it. God trumped my no with His own no and won. I still think He cheated knowing the whole out come and all.

This year, through the miracle of video games, N is so motivated to play that he cooks right through his work that most days he’s done with his work before most of us are out of bed. M is so discouraged by it he self-destructs without even trying. The same scenario except different kid for reading. M flies through a book while N feels he’s not as good so won’t try unless threatened with an inch of his life. He is even willing to take it down to a centimeter.

M feels that N and J gets all the time with video stuff while he is still stuck doing his work. He saw how he needed to get up sooner to get going on school stuff sooner. Hallelujah! Trouble is M is dragging his feet that now N has to wait on him before he can finish his school stuff. Not good!

We try not to anger N because he’s a royal pain in the arse when in a foul mood and knows it. To his credit he has been working on it and has made a lot of improvements. He likes to tackle a project head on and get it done so he can move on to whatever it is he wants to do. So for him to have to wait on the other computer sends him over the edge and his favorite person to take out his frustration is J.

I'll bet you J is going to end up being taller than the twins. My how the tables will turn. Luckily for them J isn't that type of kid.

What is so odd is this was all reversed last year. M was motivated and got his stuff done while N and I went toe to toe. What is the deal? Now N is going along nice and smooth and I’m ready to smack M with his stanky slipper. Arg!

I’m just a bit frustrated with having to motivate everyone to do their junk all while I need to do my own junk to keep the house moving along. I was in full blown rant while praying only to have God remind me how I was at that age. That's the problem right there. I want them to turn out better dagnabbit!

Hubs saved the day on a few things and oddly enough I'm sad that he's going back to work. Don't get me wrong I am so thankful Hubby is going to work tomorrow. There have been pros and cons. I won't focus on the cons or I will go and smack him with a shovel.

Gee, maybe that's why we stopped and got my favorite chocolate on the way home tonight?

But the man has the ability to just calm all of us down or at least me and that's more than half the battle. On top of all his calmness he is talented in the spacial arena. Dude can pack 20 pounds of junk in a 5 pound bag. Truly is a gift. I get a brain cramp trying to put 3 pounds of junk in a 5 pound bag.

It's my own brand of special.

So Hubs got the basement all organized as well as a few other things. He got a few things done for me that I had asked to be done. AND he was able to explain to M a few things with math that made it all click. It was at the point that I was ready to take the book and whack the kid on every syllable of' I can say both myself and M was thankful for the intervention.

I was sad when Hubs went off to bed because he gets to go to work. I had to pull out the checkbook to remind myself the sad state of affairs we are in which sort of back fired. I was already in a bad mood, throw in some self-doubt of I can't deal with the spawn, now top it off with the whole money and needing more of it and I was ready to crack open a tube of cookie dough. It's 5 o'clock somewhere.

Suddenly the holiday weight gain is making sense.

And in other news of I can't believe she still whines about this - I did call my Mom. Thankfully, I only got the answering service. She called today but I couldn't answer it as we were walking out the door. Message was her sounding chipper and thanking me for calling. She said the doc said it was the worst case he had ever seen in his entire career. I can believe that!

I know Wednesday will be better. If nothing else the mind inducing cramp of LOST will start up again so I can scream at the TV my 102 questions. Then I'll spend the next day wondering all the possibilities until I am forced to focus on something else.

Like thawing out the washing machine again. Or explain a lesson for the 12th time while my kids blow bubbles with their own spit.


grandmamargie said...

Girl, I do not envy you on the homeschooling front. I would never attempt it. Just don't have the patience for it. Hang in there, though, hopefully things will improve.

Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

I pretty much did the same thing when my girls were in school. I felt like all I did was stay on them about everything. But they turned out alright and I survived. You will too.

Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

I pretty much did the same thing when my girls were in school. I felt like all I did was stay on them about everything. But they turned out alright and I survived. You will too.

Julie said...

Yep, it sure doesn't sound like a good day.

We spent years trying to deal with Jared's pokey-ness at school... This year he seems to be doing better, for which I am eternally grateful!!!

Sarah said...

Homeschooling - I don't think I could do it. Now if my mom ever retires from teaching, I may let her do it for me!

Hang in there!

Leigh@intentslife said...

Ok, it's a teenage boy thing to the max! BUT, it gets better. :)

jubilee said...

You mean they don't grow out of the spit bubble thing? My seven and four year olds do that. Ugh.