Tuesday, January 27, 2009

To Stupidity And Beyond

First, I want to say thanks for all the well wishes. I promise I will stop licking the computer screen. Maybe that's why they tell us to watch out for all those computer viruses?

Second, I got to watch the Closer last night and am happy another show is back on-line. But I digress as that is prone to happen.

If life keeps on this path then I would like a different road thankyouverymuch. Today after many a misadventure after another, I got some news that even caused aunt Flo to say, "Dang! Now that's messed up!"

My life is stranger than fiction.

I spent much of the day giving the guys hair cuts and making sure they all got showered. All while Hubs ran about seventy loads of laundry to the laundry mat or rip you off mat as it should be called. The clothes are being finished in our own dryer if that gives you any idea.

More wailing and gnashing of teeth over schoolwork - check. Made the spawn read - again - so peace could reign supreme - check. Want to go hide in corner - double check.

I was getting ready to put dinner on the table when the phone rang. Hubby answered it. I could tell by the body language that this wasn't something good he was hearing. He mouthed the words, "It's your grandma" and continued to pace like the caged animal I know him to be at times.

As I set out silverware I put two and two together - my folks got arrested again. I continued to watch the pacing, the rubbing of the eyes, the hand fluffing the newly sheered head - he was pissed off. In his quiet seething way.

The details are a bit blurry right now. I guess they had a court date today. Their SS was stripped away and they protested and got a year in jail each. Grandma begged Hubs to go get their car in a round about sort of way.

You know what amazes me? How little things like not having the stinking keys can be overlooked at times like this. She said they are in the car. Wait. What? The keys are locked inside the car in the federal parking garage?

Too bad, so sad.

Like I really want my mug splashed on the news for breaking into a car in the federal building parking garage. If I'm going to go down and do hard time it will show a crazed me holding someone hostage stating, "Just hand over the chocolate and no one will get hurt."

Personally, I find it interesting that I've remained calm, cool, and collective while Hubs went bazerk. When I questioned him about it, he said it's just been a bad week. Did I mention he's been home and will be home the rest of this week? Toss in the whole washing machine thing and you can just tell we have been having loads of fun here.

Sarcasm. It's what's for dinner tonight. And I got more where that came from too.

Right now I'm doing fine. Chalk it up to that last nerve being the crusty broad that she is keeping it all pulled together OR I've past the point of no return. We did pray for their safety at dinner tonight and that was all we could muster.

I must say the progress I have made from just this summer is amazing. I'm not even upset about their stuff. Mercy, that is huge! Friend of theirs said she's going to go pack it all up and put it in storage. Good for her. I've done it twice. Lot of good that does!

I'm not losing any sleep over this tonight. Is that the cold meds talking? Possibly, but sleep I will. I just know this is going to ruin my chances at selling them on eBay. Maybe I should put myself up for adoption. Wonder what my chances are?


Kaye Butler said...

OMG. What did they do to get arrested?

We lost electricity this morning at 5am. Such fun.

Kaye Butler said...

I take my question back. I re-read the post.

I would chalk that up to teenagers sucking my brains out through a straw.

Kerri said...

Oh, mercy.

I'm am SO glad though, that you are staying OUT of it!! Just think of it as a year of no hassles! They did it to themselves. I'm so amazed at how "grown-ups" handle life sometimes.

I hope your washer gets fixed soon! As I said, if you need anything ASAP, you can always use ours!

PS, I would love to adopt you, but I'm not QUITE old enough to be your mom...I'm old, but not old enough. You are my sister though!!!

Love you

grandmamargie said...

Oh, good grief. But I agree with Kerri. I'm glad you are keeping your distance this time regarding their belongings. It has always come back to bite you in the tush. While I don't understand the circumstances exactly, I still have a tendency to say, stay out of it until you hear from them requesting your assistance. And then I would still be careful. Anyways, just my opinion.

Leigh@intentslife said...

Whoa, I'm glad you're hanging in there.

I'm praying.

Glad you're feeling better. :)

anglophilefootballfanatic.com said...

Holy hell. You gotta be kidding? Again? I think you are right to be washing yourself of the mess. You cannot keep giving and giving of yourself over and over.

Brooke said...

I think my MIL has already adopted you. I'm glad you are hangn' in there. If you need any thing, you can do laundry here, any thing call me.

Anna K. said...

Maybe you've reached the point that you can say it's their problem and their mess to clean up...? Maybe?

Hope the Hubby has a better day today and that your cold meds keep you semi-sane, Shug.

Sarah said...

They got arrested for not showing up at their court date? Am I reading that right?

Mercy. You have had a day, haven't you?

Debbie said...

I so hate to hear what pain they bring into your life.

Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

MEN! they just don't handle things as well as we do. Hope the washer is fixed soon and hubby is back to work.

Joanna said...

I'm chuckling from all the comments.

Kerri you're not old!

I guess I should be surprised that they went to court. Something happened at court we just don't know what and at this point I just can't care.

Julie said...

Just one question... Were your parents hiding when God was passing out brains? Because it doesn't sound like they got any!


jubilee said...

To paraphrase a famous tv personality: "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy . . ."