Sunday, February 8, 2009

Winter Blues

Mother Nature played a pretty mean trick this weekend. The clouds pulled back to reveal a glorious blue sky with the sun shining. Warm weather blew through the streets melting off a lot of ice which totally and completely teased every one of us with the hope of Spring.

Then reality showed back up.

It's cold. And I heard there is suppose to be a bad thunderstorm later in the week turning over to snow.

Oh snow, how I really hate thee right now.

I have a theory - I think Al Gore got a bunch of fans and blew all the warm weather up here for the weekend to support his claims of global warming. I'm wondering why he hasn't cured the Internet of all it's viruses and what not. Since he invented it and all surely he should be able to fix it, right?

Don't mind me, my brain was on a slight thaw. It was so nice to see that blue sky and to feel that warm breeze blow across my face. And with another storm coming on it's heels it just feels like the blahs rolling right in behind it.

Every February we hit a home school-itis. You look at where you're at and where you need to be. Chances are high they aren't lined up and that makes you feel down. Then you have the kids just don't want to do it leave me alone junk with your own fine I don't feel like doing it either. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

I trudged into church today and then heard person after person is looking at being laid off and facing some up hill battle. It was to the point where I just wanted to slink to the floor. Who knows maybe someone dropped some quarters and I could gather them? Or not.

The biggest thing I see lacking right now is hope. So many unknown questions. So many hurting people and not a darn thing any one of can say or do to help with the situation. Very frustrating!

We were driving home and I was thinking of the song "I lift my eyes up, to the heavens, where does my help come from?" As that song was playing through my head, I looked up and the sun was shining bright with a cloud partially trying to blocking it.

How like life is that? The circumstances try to block out the Light and make everything look dull and grey but the clouds can't block it for long.

Lot of unknowns right now and lots of clouds. Right now I feel like I need to hang on to hope. Spring is just a few more months away - I hope. But regardless of the clouds and what I can see, the sun is still shining.


bruce lane said...

I know the feeling.

grandmamargie said...

Oh, girl, just hang on. It's always darkest and coldest right before dawn. And the Son is always shining. We just have to look up.

jubilee said...

I tried explaining to my kids that the sun shines even when we are having thunderstorms. It was mind-boggling to them. Because they couldn't see it shining. Think you have something there with your metaphor.

Kerri said...

Amen, sista!

God is able to do immmeasurably more than all we ask or imagine!

I am ALWAYS here if you need to talk, and I had such a blast Saturday. Just wasn't enough time.
Keep the faith, girl. God IS the God of hope. And life without hope is not life at all...

Prayin' for ya! said...

I freaked out when I saw unemployment was at about 7.5%. That's about 1 in 13 people. Insane. I agree. Funny how the new Mr Hope is not helping anyone feel overly hopeful.

Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

So sorry about your weather, it is in the mid 70's today and feels wonderful, it is suppose to be in the 70s all week. Wish I could send some your way :)

Brooke said...

Keep hangn' on to the hope sometimes that is all we have. The answers will come, in His time. I know not soon enough but they will come. I'm tried of waiting too. "Spring will be here soon."

Debbie said...

I cannot keep up with this wacky weather!

Julie said...

Global warming, my hiney... We had SNOW last APRIL, a cooler summer than normal, and more snow this year than we have since in almost 20 years.

Leigh@intentslife said...

It's very easy to get discouraged right now - but God will prove faithful. He always does.

Love ya. :)

Garden Girl said...

I look at those days that come in each season glimpses of what is to come. Glimpses of our heavenly Father's faithfulness.
Yes, I am still in control. Yes, the cold gray of winter will pass and I am already on the other side. Trust me and watch and see what I will do! I LOVE YOU!
He does love us and just cling to that. There is NO where we are going or are right now that HE has not been before us!