Thursday, March 12, 2009

Angst Is In The Air

Can you feel it? Can you just feel the tension Hubs has for the computer that he claims its days are numbered? I reminded him that the computer isn't going anywhere as we need it. But Hubs kept making threats to the computer for a few hours.

What could cause such angst you might dare to ask? This old thing doesn't have much space. When I go online the computer has to think about where it can shove the extra junk. Now it is faster than dial up but there isn't much to work with. According to Hubby a digital watch has more free space then our computer.

I was all set to say stop joking around until I saw the nostril flair of doom. He wasn't joking.

There was no LOST on tonight and we went grocery shopping last night so Hubby and I had a torturous wonderful time doing our taxes this evening. It gets cold in the den and I had to make several trips to Bernie to thaw out. We had to download a new version of Adobe before we could see it let alone print it off.

Oh let me tell you the loops and hoops we had to go through to get the computer to take it. Hubs kept yelling at the computer to just eat it. He said it could barf later but for now just stuff the download down it's piehole.

I almost gagged myself.

Out of fear for its very existence, the computer slowly chewed up the download. But right near the end, a low disk space alert started freaking out and stopped the whole thing. Sooo I had to delete temporary files, clean out some other junk, blah, blah, blah. Took forevah!! Finally got enough space opened and finally got the thing downloaded and finally got everything all done.

Hooray! Uncle Sam can take me off the list of people to shove into a dark cell. I figured with my family I was at the top of the list of people he usually watches. I continue to joke about my application into the witness protection program. I really should knock it off as I had two whole weeks of someone from Washington D.C. showing up on my blog checking things out.

They have decided I'm not a serious nut just a sad woman who has spent too many hours trying to explain ratios and had to say one too many times what language do you think they speak in Greece?? Here's a hint it starts with Gr and ends in eek.

Does that give you a clue how my day went?

Boys had a big test in History. They have a hard grading curve. Both boys are hovering around 93% and the grade they have is a B. They aren't happy. I just tell them to try harder as that always pissed me off when my Mom said it to me.

Keeping with the theme - angst was in the air.

Hubby didn't work today nor will he work tomorrow. I have no clue about Friday. But it looks like we're taking a special trip to the guitar store because M now has strings and a strap for his guitar but we are all in agreement the dude needs a tuner. Or we're going to string him up with the new strings.

The gift that keeps on giving.

N and I had an intense conversation of why he was in trouble for leaving one of his answers partially answered. Dude said and I quote, "I didn't know how to spell the guy's name." When I asked him why he thought Soc would be close enough for Socrates he just gave me the look and said dunno which I think means I don't know.

What was the phrase they used?? Frontal lobe missfire. I was ready to fire his front lobe but luckily for him I missed and just gave him a V8 smack to the head instead.

Then Hubby had to call into MARVIN for the unemployment stuff which I swear should have some acronym of moving slower than dirt. It has been 8 weeks and we have yet to receive anything. Thankfully I'm not in a full blown panic but I will say I am highly annoyed.

You think no one cares about you? Miss a payment and watch how many times you will get called. Yet again, let us lift holy hands of praise for caller i.d.

I think Hubs figured out that Houston we have a problem. He offered me some chocolate which I turned down. He even cooked dinner and when asked why he said he wanted to relieve the tense look on my face. Aww, right?

Wrong-o! All this did was bring out my inner sneer. I look tense?!? Made for a quite meal. Then later as we battled the ghetto computer, Hubs was the one with the sneer. I had to do an intervention just to save the computer.

So we ended up having a sneer off.

Hubs won only because he took my blanket and I got cold and had to go stand by Bernie. The weather is c-c-cold!! But this Saturday is suppose to be nice. Hubs is taking the boys for a hike. Thank you, Jesus! It's too cold for them to start camping but I can handle them leaving for a few hours.

The urge to just start slipper slapping people was becoming too great to resist. Usually I can clamp that feeling down with cookies but lately that is loosing its appeal.

Off to find me those toasty thighs of Hubs. I'm sure he'll wonder what type of purgatory is this. Isn't Lent going on right now? Is there anyway I can claim this is a holy experience that God designed to get him closer to God in his suffering?

Could be me, but I don't think he'll buy it. He's rather smart like that. I say it's pay backs for cheating on the sneer off.


jubilee said...

"Is there anyway I can claim this is a holy experience that God designed to get him closer to God in his suffering?" - wonder if that line of reasoning would work for my husband. I am so trying it the next time I need him to warm up my feet!

Sunday said...


Kerri said...

Oh girl. You slay me.

Graphics take up HUGE amounts of space on the computer. Do you have any external drives (those little stick things?) that you could save stuff on?

I was also told that old e-mail can take up a lot of space, and check to see if your e-mail saves a copy of everything you send. Make sure you DON'T need it, and zap it away!

Love ya.

grandmamargie said...

Electric blankets and heating pads. That's the only way. I was so toasty and warm. :) Sorry, couldn't help it.

Sarah said...

Ditto Kerri - my external hard drive was a lifesaver many a time in the past.

Defrag, delete, all that good junk.


Leigh@intentslife said...

I've got an extra zip drive I could give ya! :)