Friday, March 13, 2009

Food - We Like It

Recently I was flipping through my cookbooks muttering to myself. I tend to do this. While I'm glad to be able to have such a variety of choices, I still find myself stuck in the rut with 'what's to eat?' questions I get bombarded with daily.

Everyone has their favs and their prayers of oh dear, Lord, no, not THAT. And that is just from me. Sometimes the guys will see a picture in the cook book and ask why don't you make that?? Scans quickly - because it takes 2 hours just to prepare it!

I'm still not use to the fact that I can just run to the store because where we use to live that was out of the question. You didn't just run to the store because you were out of milk. You made plans and preparations to trek out into public with your spawn, your list, your coupons, and hopefully your sanity.

I remember having J in the grocery cart with N and M walking along side the cart. N at the front and M and the back of the cart - on the same side and thou shall not let go of thy cart if thou wished to continue sucking air through thou nose-eth.

Many a time I would stumble home ready to put them to bed, toss back a few, and hide in a corner until the calmer more saner parent would arrive home from work. Wanna know why he was calmer? Cuz he wasn't the one that had to deal with it.

Thank God those days are gone.

Every now and then I'll sometimes look through rose colored full-of-it glasses and think happy thoughts of yesteryear and almost wish to be there again.

Then I repeatedly slap myself across the face 50 times.

I don't miss those days where I freaked out when they went to the bathroom because they were so little and you've heard all the horror stories. Not to mention the guy that just went in after them reminds me of the guy on America's most wanted. I don't miss those days of (shudder) Blue's Clues. How evil is this? I had the Blue's Clues have a happy birthday going through my head the other day.

Now if I could just find my bat to knock that memory out of my head...

People would tell me this stage will pass and I thought they were lying. It does pass just not fast enough!

I use to look forward to grocery shopping alone as that was the few times I had to myself. Now I need all hands on deck cuz I can't push 3 carts full of food through Wally World. Since we don't want the eating machine hungry when we set foot in that store, we tend to fill them up on things that will cause as much gas in a 2 hour trip as humanly possible. Then we play how fast can we leave that aisle with everything we need before we pass out game.

I look at it as paybacks for all the idiots that are there. I just feel bad for the innocent bystanders.

NEVER shop there on the weekends unless you like to see the circus freaks - that were turned down. There is the old lady who forgot her teeth - and bra. The freaky kid that probably spent a lot of money to look that way - on purpose. The annoyed girl who really should be run over with a cart. Not to mention all the devil spawn that run up and down the lanes.

Wait, was I making a point? Okay, I had to re-read what I put and yet again I find myself waaay off topic. (Make note to look up definition of the word topic)

I still feel like my very existence is all wrapped up in a....(drum roll).... casserole. Ooooo

What is the meat I am feeling today? Do I feel like a chicken and just don't want to face some things or am I in a foul mood? Do I feel like some ham as I caught a glimpse of my ham hocks? Do I feel hamburger - old cow that has been ground up? How about pork as I think I spent the day piggin out?

And how is that attitude of mine today? Call it the special sauce of life. Is it Mexican - full of spice? Chinese - sort of whinese and possibly cat? I'm kidding - I love Chinese. How about some Italian? Bold and in your face.

Now I'm really wondering what type of sauce my Mom would fall under. Vinegar anyone?

Maybe everything is a-okay so go for the gooey cheese sauce. Hubby believes everything is made better with cheese. I love the cheese commercials they use to have - behold the power of cheese.

I have recently found this recipe and I rather like it. The guys aren't burned out on it yet so I'm using it. It seems recipes only have a window of love at our house then it's 'that again???' You would think I serve up pig slop with a side of monkey brains. How ridiculous! Monkey brains weren't on sale this week.

Beef N Cheese Bread
1 pound hamburger
chopped onion
1 8oz jar salsa
1-2 cans sliced black olives
1 tsn chili powder
1 tsn minced garlic
1 tsn ground cumin
1 loaf unsliced French bread
2 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese

In large skillet cook beef and onion over medium heat until meat is cooked; drain. Stir in salsa, olives and spices. Remove from heat. Cut the break in half lengthwise place on cookie sheet. Spread meat mixture on top; sprinkle with cheese. Bake at 450 degrees 10-15 minutes until cheese is melted.

I'm getting drooly thinking about it.


grandmamargie said...

That sounds delicious. I may try it this weekend. If I cook with cheese, it has to be on weekends we don't have the baby. She's allergic to milk/cheese among a few other things. Do you know how many things have milk/cheese in them? And yes, we did take her to Chuck E. Cheese. Just gave her a benadryl before and ordered a cheese free pizza and took her soybet ice cream. Worked out just fine. Thank goodness.

Kerri said...

That does sound pretty good. I'm always up for trying new things, but because I'm a baby in the spice world, I usually make "my" version. Like this bread; I wouldn't put in either the chili powder or the cumin. I'm just boring, I guess!

Leigh@intentslife said...

I hear ya on the cheese! You definitely downplay your mad cooking skills here on your blog. If everyone knew that your dishes are the highlight of every potluck they'd be shaking you down for more recipes.

She's seriously that good, people! :)

Joanna said...

Margie - Aww, I didn't know she's allergic. Bummer!

Kerri - I don't do a full tsn I just do a shake a shake of the spice. Gives the flavor but not the punch on somethings.

Leigh - do you have any idea the pressure?!! :) That bread stuff doesn't travel and I couldn't come up with anything new so I'm bringing the taco pizza to the retreat. But I'm also making a fancy dessert. Hopefully this will get me off the hook of that again?? hee hee

Sarah said...

I always wonder, "what are we {ahem, aka that's "ME"} going to cook for supper?" And then I always moan to myself, "I don't wanna cook."

Yeah, we do biweekly trips to the store (except for things like milk/bread). Tonight's the night. *shudder* And right now, I only have one kid (and a husband that deserts me for the magazines or the fishing/hunting section). When this soon-to-be kiddo gets here, I think dad will have to either shop or take care of the kids at home. I may not make it out of the store with my sanity otherwise!

That recipe sounds good!

jubilee said...

The recipe sounds yummy.

My husband and I do the "divide and conquer" routine while at the store. Boys against girls. We each have a list. I usually win because I want to get out of there as quickly as humanly possible. The boys take on a more leisurely pace. Since I can hear them from across the store, there is evidently much goofing off. At least he keeps them entertained.

I also think the husband has figured out that I will come back and help him complete his list when I am finished with mine. I usually end up a frazzled wreck and he's laughing over some neaderthal man-joke he has going on with the boys.

Maybe he wins after all! BG

Leigh@intentslife said...

Ooh, taco pizza and a fancy dessert??? Can't wait!

Roxanne Kristina said...

I'm too busy giggling from your incredibly witty writing to think about cooking! Hope that excuse still works at dinner time

Dianne said...

We make this, but with sausage instead of hamburger and no salsa. Crushed red pepper for pop. Makes for a totally different taste, try it. My youngest is 11 and I still sing the Blues Clues mail song in my head every time I go to the mailbox. He even dressed up like Steve for Halloween one year.