Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Have No Excuse

I really should warn you people to turn away. Go do something important like wash out the trash can rather than listen, wait, read my whine fest. Actually it isn't technically whining it's more like I'm in a funk. The blues. The blahs. The get out of my face before I smack you feelings.

Oh, like I'm the ONLY person out there that gets those.




Well it's not like y'all read this for some educational and uplifting information. I told Hubs the other day that my folks getting thrown into the slammer again has really hampered my writing muse. All that's left is just us and lately there isn't much to say.

I don't have any crazy family stories - now.

I got no - one time I was in band camp stories.

I can't even tell you I've found a great deal on anything because I can't go anywhere let alone spend any money.

I'm stuck in casserole land with the dirty dishes lagoon behind laundry mountain.


More like discouraged.

I was going over older posts and this funk has been hanging around for a few months. I am so tired of it too! Who be this funk and why is it funky and when will it leave?

I noticed that this time last year I was in a funk as well. So Spring should make it all better. All we have to do is survive March.

I think we got dumped on with snow last year in March.

Oh, what a ray of sunshine I've turned out to be.

Funk is sort of a mystery. There have been times I've battled the funk, embraced the funk, been able to shun the funk, and find funk still trying to follow.

I'm not what you call an optimistic person. I'll pause as you try to recover from that shock. Not only do I see the glass half full but I bet someone spit in it as well. My Dad would always ask me where did I get such a dark outlook on life. I think one time I said from having parents that kept turning out the lights on me. He wasn't amused. I was 9 at the time.

I can only imagine what my children will grow up saying about me.

Yet another reason to pray for the rapture.

I know, I got good kids and yes they love me dearly. But I have my moments. Like yanking a kid into the bathroom and pointing to where he missed and I was too busy folding their laundry to feel like cleaning up their pee off the side of the toilet so handed him a Clorox wipe and said have at it. If looks could kill.

And that was just from me.

Right now life is just frustrating. I'm having a hard time finding hope and I've been battling a lot of rejection issues. Try to sit down and do therapy/blog and I've had to delete a few posts rather than post them. Lets just say they were rather on the dark side.

It's hard too because part of me wants someone to make me some hot chocolate and tell me everything is going to be okay. Then the other part wants to bite every one's head off and say prove it to me that it's going to be okay and show me the next 5 steps in that direction.

Gosh maybe this explains why people are now avoiding me.

Hard to be around when the funny mojo has been killed off. My quirkiness took a vacation and forgot to tell me.

I had someone tell me they were surprised at my funkiness. She said since I'm usually cracking a joke I must never get the blues. Yeah, okay, whatever. I'm the person that bawls buckets of tears but does NOT want anyone see me do it.

Oh funk, I'm just a wee bit tired to battle you right now. Why don't you run along and go get some chocolate? Maybe you won't be so funky if you would get some sugar.


Alison said...

Folks who are funny have down times as well. I appreciate that you are authentic about what you are going through. Praying the funk will go back to funkytown!

grandmamargie said...

Girl, everybody gets the funk around this time of the year. Every stinking year, I feel Springs arrives just in time to keep me from going totally beserk. Hold on, it should be here in the next few weeks.

Kaye Butler said...

If you never got the blues...then life wouldn't be normal.

I would make you hot chocolate, but, seeing how I can't have it, I better just stick to making you a glass of water.

Stop making that face.

Besides, I might seriously ingjure you just to get a tiny swig of it. What good would that do anyone? Me in jail for beating you up over hot chocolate and you in the hospital recovering.

Julie said...

Hope you get out of your funk soon... maybe you just need sunshine.

valb said...

Well, we've never met, Bugs, but. . . when I get this way I have a friend who writes me and reminds me to GIVE THANKS! To look around me and start thanking the Lord for what is good in my life. I'm just sayin'. . .

Leigh@intentslife said...

Hang in there, girl. Love you!

jubilee said...

Let's do some deep breathing . . .

"The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it as is safe." I think we who are weary can run into that strong tower too and take a much needed time-out.

More deep breathing . . .

And, if you don't have anything to blog about, don't. No apologies.