Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm Running Late

Yeah yeah, I'm running late. What else is new?

Had an interesting weekend. N decided to stop power puking. Did you know it's really weird to hear a low voice say, "I barfed" in the middle of the night? He spent most of Saturday missing the toilet thinking I needed to hone those cleaning skills.

He had a fever and I told him he wasn't going to church even though his fever broke that night, kept a snack and dinner down. Said he was doing a lot better after taking a shower and Sunday morning woke up perky and feeling great.


Got home late last night and woke up with gasp! another headache. I already don't like Mondays and this is just not helping its cause.

Not that I think Monday has a cause because we already know it's purpose is to just make our lives miserable. Bet God made all the annoying animals on a Monday. Just saying.

What is really sad is it's 3:30 in the afternoon and already I want the day over with. Too bad - the sun is shining. Shining!! But it's horribly cold. I say this wrapped in a blanket. If it's cold now than tonight is just going to be oh so fun.

Let that last part ring with pure sarcasm.

There won't be a new The Closer on. I'm sensing a theme - life sucks. Was woke up nice an early with the kids all playing different instruments all playing different songs.

Someone just better hope I'm not a vengeful person.

We got a lot of Language Arts projects done that about made me want to grab a bat and beat myself into a coma. Boys had to tell a story and describe different points. M took an hour to tell a story - was all over the place and had a hard time wrapping it up. Much like his mother. N was short and sweet. Took all of 4 minutes. Just like his Dad. But then wanted to argue with me on a few points as he knows everything and I am an idiot.

Once the headache decided to go down to a dull pounding, the phone rang and Hubs was already on the way home as he finished the job. And oh yeah the battery thing is dead and all his tools are now junk and gosh he has a couple of jobs coming up that he's going to need those tools and geez not too sure if there is work the rest of the week.

Maybe I should sell him to the roaming band of gypsies? Any answer I get to what are we going to do is met with I don't know. I told him he could stop cheering me up.

Headache said hello baby - did you miss me? I answered by swallowing a Motrin and some chocolate and told the headache where it could go.

Did you know the government has two speeds? Slow and extra slow. Still haven't received any unemployment stuff and I'm staring at a nice pile of bills. There are a bunch of other little things going on and it just make for the theme of the month week day to be rather crappy.

I apologize if I'm whining. Seriously. The frustration level just seems to rise every single day and I'm not getting answers. Believe me, God and I have been having some very interesting conversations. There have been a few times He's had me pinned to the mat on a couple things. I can now say that I WANT to trust Him. Before I was saying prove it.

That and bite me but why get into the details?

God has this thing on timing and a sense of humor. Hubs and I got into an intense disagreement and words were spoken. The next night we watched that movie Fireproof about marriage and not leaving your partner behind.

Hilarious God, hilarious.

Have you seen this movie? It is really good! There was a lot of humor in it that I wasn't expecting. The boys watched it with us and I thought it interesting to hear their opinion on the movie. J said gosh and I thought you guys fought - those two are mean!

Yet another proud moment for me.

One thing I've been getting a lot lately is obey the Word of God. At first I was a bit alarmed thinking I was obeying. When I prayed about it I got Love. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind. That alarmed feeling was starting to grow as I though I was already doing that as well. Then I got also to Love my husband - respect him.

Yeah that last part I think is when I said bite me.

Work in progress, people. I'm a work in progress.

I can say growing up I did not see this modeled before my little eyes. Yes, I know - how shocking. Who would have thought Cruella had some submission issues? And what another blow to think Howard the kindly Coward would have issues himself? Just rattles the mind to think.

Or not.

This can, at times, make me paranoid and then I ask Hubs if I submit three to fifty times. Last thing I want to do is end up like old Cruella - behind bars wearing stripes cuz she couldn't say yes dear.

He's told me several times I'm fine, I'm not like her and that he's got no complaints. Not believing that last part, I started to bug him about it. Surely he has got to have some complaints. Total strangers have been known to tell me what a pill I am.

He keeps claiming not a one. Clearly we are in dire straits as the man is delusional. Or maybe he's terrified of the fall out. Or maybe he just doesn't want to say anything that may or may not be held against him at a later date.

Stupid Jedi ninja mind tricks. I hate it when he messes with my head.

Lately there have been a few things that have just been a smack in the emotional face that makes me want to back up and back away. There have also been a few things that make me think maybe there is hope. Is it just me or has it been a battle lately?

Like I said, a lot of other things going on that just make me not want to face the day but I've found I can't shove enough pillows through my ears to drown out all the wanna be musicians I have living here.

Thankfully we've been watching a Tim Hawkins DVD that has made me laugh until I've peed myself. And I have another bag of Dove chocolate. Amen.


Debbie said...

School projects really can make you want to hurt yourself. What exactly does that say about our educational system?

Sunday said...

I am right there with ya on a few areas.
If you sell yours to the gypsies....let me know if you get a good deal.
Ooops, sorry, I know I know, and I just got done repenting last night for my poor wifeness. Yet another fail, I am just lucky He still forgives me cause it's not like I deserve it.

Kerri said...

Hey woman.
It sure was good to see you Saturday. I wish I had more time to talk then. And I will see you at Bible study Thursday!!!

I think we're all getting pounded lately. I'm sure attitude has PARTLY to do with it, but it seems like wave after wave of attacks are coming. I told satan to go back to hell and leave me alone.

Someone told me that God won't give me more than I can handle. I'm wondering if anyone told HIM that? : ) He must think I am pri-tee darn strong....I don't see it, but I am still alive and kickin'... well, alive and shuffling, maybe.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Awesome and funny post! I'm not sure I've heard the term "power puking". Nice.

And thanks for visiting my site last week when I was featured on SITS.

jubilee said...

As for kids thinking they know it all: I actually told my kids today, "Your mother is not stupid!" Not sure they believed me, but they were trying to figure out why I said it.

Julie said...

Hope your hubby gets more work soon!

Sarah said...

Oh man - who could blame you for running late!?

Do homeschooling moms get to call in for a personal day? They should!