Monday, March 9, 2009

What The Hey??

Okay, I had a post all nice a ready to go but it won't let me post it. It was one I tried working on the other day but it wouldn't come together and now it won't let me publish it because I already published something else.

Translation: I can't get it to work and I've been trying for over an hour. Screw it!

Our cable went out due to crazy weather. It poured buckets of rain then stopped. Then there was a bunch of thunder and then hail. Crazy!

But when the cable came back one there was a message for Hubs to call his boss but we got it too late. Oh yippee skippy! We don't know if he's working this week or not.

I took a nap on our ancient couch and now the whole right side of my body is in pain. I say ancient cuz it's older than I am. The only reason why I keep it is because it holds a lot of laundry while I'm folding. That and I can't get a new one. F-R-E-E has a nice charming appeal to it some times. But I can't even yawn now without pain coursing through my arm.

So stupid post that won't post, bad weather, arm in pain from old couch, and slightly brain dead - I think I'll just walk away from the computer and call it a night and try again tomorrow.


Kerri said...

Oh, honey. I'm sorry you're having a poopy time. Crap happens. You should check out like Godowill or something for a couch and recover it like they do on Trading spaces. You can get a cheap couch, cheap material, and viola! And you have such creative flair I'm sure it would be amazing!
Love you

Sunday said...

All I can say is don't ask for help on the help boards. Sheesh the rudest person ever on there always responds to my post in the jerkest way ever to tell me I am always posting in the wrong place. Sigh. I guess he's never heard of curtesy, as he tells me I am hijacking old boards, etc. The guildlines ask you not to create new posts about old issues that other people are having and so I add on to a thread already running and just explain how mine is a tad different, and you would think I commited a capital offense. How about a little kindness and tell a noob exactly where to post. At least this post went through for you and was entertaining as always. :)

Roxanne Kristina said...

I know... that is the worst. Has happened to me too. Ususally my most amazing posts too!!! Hang in there. xoxox,R

jubilee said...

Another post (before this one) came up on my reader, but when I clicked over it said page not found. So, it was there at one time evidently, but somehow got deleted. I hate when that happens.

I also have pics that drop out of posts. When I click on edit, the HTML is there, but no pic when I post. I hate when that happens.

I know that other host sites have issues too, but Blogger seems to be wacky all the time. So sorry you are having troubles. Not what you need right now, I know.


Julie said...

Ya, I think I would be frustrated!!! Hope the next day was better!