Friday, August 28, 2009

How Ya'll Doing?

Me?? Well if you see a rather large lump in the middle of my floor that is probably me. Don't step on it as I bite.

I was working on this post for Friday. The date even says Friday. I am all for rewinding the weekend and trying it again but I don't think that would work. For whatever reason, the computer just locked up and I had to pull the plug.

I bet it was mad about what I was saying about it.

The computer switch-o change-o didn't happen yet. My computer is a sad thing. It has crossed over into hooptyville. It has the speed of a snail and the brain power of a gnat. (Veggie fans will pronounce that ga-nat)

Gangsta Ninja (who so wishes to remain anonymous because who would really want to acknowledged that they read this blog any way. Right bro?) helped us out by giving us a better, faster computer. Since I avoid change like the plague, and I have no clue what I'm doing, I just let it sit there next to Hoopty collecting dust trying to ignore it's promises of faster connections and actual brain power.

Not that I have any trust issues or anything. Nope, nooo sirreee. None whatsoever.

So hoopty computer has some information I need to get off of it. No prob, right? Yeah. Plugged in the flashdrive - in the back - and this caused the mouse not to work. Makes it a bit hard to get info without a mouse. Suddenly I remember someone saying hoopty not having enough power to handle both. The poor thing was so confused that it kept winking in and out. Thought it was going to self-destruct.

I almost rebooted it - the hard way.

So I spent some time to see if it really had any info I was going to miss, printed off what I could, and came to grips to kiss the rest of it good-bye.

I was telling Hubs this and he said he would take a look at it later.

Dramatic pause for angst to build up.

Ex-squeeze me?? I couldn't make it work, therefore he would be able to pull his powers of persuasion and get hoopty to work? Like all the other times didn't count because......?

He gave it a once over and declared it wouldn't work. Do tell. Should I bow now or later, super genius?

It didn't help that what I was mad at him about earlier this week bit US in the butt - just like I said it would. He forgot to deposit his check but said we could deposit it through ATM and then go write a check to grocery shop and the bank would cover it.

Yeah it didn't work. Like I said it wouldn't. But what would I know? I'm just comic relief. At least that's what I tell myself as everyone laughs as I bash my head into the wall 20 times. And fun was had by all.

So those dreams of a fully functioning computer is put on hold for another day or 3.

With all this loving feeling that was floating in the air, I kicked the fam to the curb and peeled out left to go do some McTalking time with Kerri Thursday night.

Kerri and I had an awesome time at our suppose-to-be-bible-study-but-Joanna-was-a-crazy-loon time. We laughed, we cried, and had chocolate. I have to tell you, of all the people I love to make laugh, second to Hubs, it is Kerri. Just makes my day.

At first I thought there was something sick about enjoying making a person with a trach laugh but after thinking about it, only makes it better. Big smooches girl, you're a hoot!

I like making people laugh and if I can get you to spray your drink than all the better. I have like a secret tally card of all the people I have made spray their drink from laughing so hard. I'm rather proud of it because I've nailed just about every person I know. Even people I don't know and have told me via email OR watching them hose themselves down from listening in on my conversation. Serves them right.

It's got to be some sort of sick disease or something. I wonder if there is some comedic recovery group. My luck I would be stuck with a bunch of dead beat clowns trying to get me to pull the balloon out of their pocket. Thanks, but no.

I'll pause while you try to get that visual out of your head.


Anyhoo, we came to the conclusion I'm having some depression issues. I thought everyone went for a few months without sleeping, telling random people they suck, and over all saying 'you people make my a$$ twitch' (quote from French Kiss)
So that sort of shocked me. Who knew that wasn't normal??

In other news...

Dianne and Kaye sent me a nice little video message. Totally made my day. Ladies, I need to defend you. I got a couple emails of my InterPeeps asking if ya'll are really mad at each other. At this point I don't have a clue, but it's freakin hoolarious. But now I'm left hanging of the fate of the innocent watermelon. Did it survive or is it still being held as a hostage? Will someone snap and smash it? The world may never know.

No, they aren't mad at each other. But don't you just love all the snarkiness in bloggyland? Seriously starting to wonder if I have some issues. I mean, above and beyond the usual ones.

But I hear that they have started an eating club in honor of our McTalking time. I had to wipe the drool off my chin as they showed me pictures of chocolate dunking.

Ah, chocolate. How I have such a deep bond with thee. Both good and evil. How could chocolate be evil?

Wonder if I should admit that I got really mad at my brother one time and made a pan of brownies. I know, not a big shocker of omission. Except I may, or may not have, ground up a few or 10 of the Exlax laxative chocolate pieces and put it in the brownie batter and then baked it. Then stood there and watched with smug satisfaction as he and a couple of his friends ate the whole thing.

Nah, no one would actually believe that I would do something

Crickets chirping



He had it coming, I mean, if I really would have done it.


Kerri said...

Oh, girl. McTalking time was awesome. What a MUCH needed reprieve for both of us!! And remember, it's impossible for me to choke since I have a permanent hole in my neck...make me laugh away! You bring me joy!!!
I ordered our other books just a minute ago...YAY!
Love you

Debbie said...

I have a dead laptop I need to try to get fixed so I can get things out of it. When will I learn to buy an external harddrive?

Aleta said...

LMAO. From sick computers to laxatives. Now, how on earth did you manage that all in one blog post? I'm impressed!

Julie said...

Yes... Sometimes brothers DO deserve such things! *rofl*

Anna K. said...

I'm so, so glad that you have someone nearby that you can McTalk with!

I am praying for you, Jo.

rthling said...

Hey, here's Tim Hawkins singing about computer customer support.
It's a hoot!