Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Have Egg-cellent Peeps

Well y'all were nice - not even one mean email. I guess it helps to throw out there an ahhh, I'm a chicken so don't send it. This seems to have hold off the you're a (find the adjective of choice) comments.

So that was a relief.

Trouble is all those nasty comments turned into nasty people that are stalking me on Twitter. I'm having to block a few people daily either from comments and/or pictures. I am a bit clueless on the whole Twitter thang and have no idea how people are finding me. Sort of feel I'm such a tiny blimp on that screen why bother with it.

I love how that almost makes me sound important. Most people have thousands following them or are following thousands. I don't even know enough people to respond to the chain emails I get. You know the ones - send this to 10 people and say a quick prayer and God will come through with a miracle by 10 am tomorrow.

So far my belly button hasn't fallen off so I'm thinking a few of those have been false. And the 2 I did send, did not come through like it promised. The shock and the horror of it all. I may now need to send out apology emails.

I need to apologize on my emailing too - I have totally neglected all my email buddies. I'm not clever enough to send out a mass email of dude, or dudettes in this case, so sorry - me, with egg on my face.

Continuing on with my chicken theme, I haven't called back my uncle yet. Hopefully I'll get on that before he calls me back. And speaking of phone calls... I got 2 calls from my Mom's "friends". (You have to say that with a sarcastic tone while doing big air quotes as it sets the mood.)

Seriously, how do these people find me?? My favorite part about all that is they all say the same thing. "I have something that might help your folks. Give me a call so I can send it to you so you can get the info to them quickly."

Hold the phone there, Skippy. If it's so important and has to absolutely get there overnight, FedEx the thing to them and leave me out it. If they want to send them a file and some hand tools, then they can have their own return address all over it - not mine.

I was talking about it with my MIL today. This last week I was really praying on my folks' behalf. Against my will. Did you pick up on I really didn't want to go before the Lord with a request on their behalf? Especially when I could think up of several other topics - like who really is the father of Paris Jackson?

So what seeking MIL's thoughts on the matter. She did not agree with sending out cards to them. She said the best mature Christian route to take with them is to whack them upside the head with a boat ore.

She may be onto something there.

But in the course of the conversation she asked when were we going to start school. In my special brand of crazy, I was pretending it was still July. That sort of shattered that so I looked at the calender and screamed holy ****.

I'll leave it to your own decision what you thought I said. And for the record, many words only have 4 letters in them so get your mind out of the gutter.

Wait, this is me we're talking about. Okay, scratch that.

Anyhoo, this had me sitting in the corner breathing through a bag trying not to hyperventilate. (Not true! Total exaggeration. I was never allowed to hyperventilate.) About that time my eyes landed on a book that sort of helped me get a grip.

Lorraine, thank you so much for sending that my way and thanks Jill for dropping it off. I think you knew it was going to hit me before I did. Or you've read this post and knew it was going to happen again. While I'm still a bit overwhelmed with it all and my hands are still shaking, I think it's rather funny I'm on the section of "Out Of Fear And Into Freedom."

Of course, my definition would be the rapture so I'm off the hook. Something tells me I'm not that lucky.

I was doing a little bit better when one of the boys strolled by asking what was for dinner. Then the thought dawned on me I have to make a grocery list. Once again I muttered holy **** and tried to reach for my pretend paper bag in a vain attempt at comfort.

I asked N if we were going to have a good school year. He said he made no guarantees. *Sigh* At least he's honest. That has to count for something, right?


Lorraine said...

I'm glad to hear you're making friends with the book. I think it is the sort of thing that you read over and over and then the light goes on and life is never the same! And I personally think the timing is a God thing! He is good!! Always.

Young Wife said...

People are stalking you on Twitter? Good grief! There are some really creepy folks out there with way too much time on their hands! I'm glad no one sent you any mean emails, though.

Kristen said...

*hugs* I honestly cannot believe people have nothing better to do than stalk you on twitter, haha, seriously. Not that I am saying you aren't important because you are & really it should make you feel special that people are willing to do that but it is just so weird people waste their time :)

Julie said...

I'm always blocking people on Twitter... I am only following 44, and being followed by 28. *lol* Nice, small, and cozy. Just the way I like it! ;)

jubilee said...

Gah! Twitter stalkers are the worst. I've had the same weird "lady" try to follow me three different times. I block and I block and the weirdos still somehow show up on my follower list. Ugh.

I think I'd like your MIL. Just sayin'.