Monday, August 24, 2009

It's Not Fully Clean Unless It's....

Who knew the drama of a dirty sleeping bag could cause people to be concern for my well being? Either that or they knew which laundry mat I was referring to. Rest assured Hubs got home early and braved it. We now have a clean sleeping bag AND it's all packed up. So camping mess is 100% packed up.

Glad Hubs went and not me. He was smart enough to look the part. Still in work clothes - check. Brought MP3 and rocked out to some heavy metal - check. Closed eyes and slightly head banged to the music thus eliminating all attempts at conversation to zero - check.

He is good. He also says it's a lot nicer than some of the ones we used to go to. He had to go and bring up that memory.

With the whole anniversary and all, plus me wading through all the baby pictures my slacker self is just now getting around to scrapbook, we've been strolling down memory lane when he reminded me of all the fun times we had at the laundry mat in those first few years.

Again, a memory I tried to dislodge with an ice cream scooper. But thanks dear, you proved your Jedi mind tricks can bring anything back from the dead.

What could be so bad you ask? Imagine a Geo Metro car loaded with 2 car seats, a diaper bag, and about 14 loads of clothes. There was the art of bringing everything in. I hauled in the boys and stayed with them while Hubs got stuck bringing in everything else. It got harder and harder the older they got. Plus keeping them entertained all while trying to do a truck load of laundry proved to be such a joyous time.

Go do that every week and see how long it takes for the twitching to stop.

Toss in the fact that everyone wanted to stop and tell me their twin story. For whatever reason, people feel the need to comment on multiples and wanted me to know that they were related to a set of twins twice removed on their uncle's side of the family. I bet their family tree didn't even fork. Many moms of multiples have come up with the don't make eye contact with people so they won't ask you questions. Doesn't always work.

The stories I could tell. The questions I've been asked. I'll have to save that one for another blog post. Titled 'how not to make an arse of yourself with a mother of multiples' - please do not point and stare. Yes, she is glad it's her and not you too. And we fail to see how they were conceived is any of people's business.

Hubs always got the pat on the back with the you did it twice in one night, right? Thanks Cletus for asking. It's both fascinating and disturbing as to why you would want to know the answer to this.

Wow, I had forgotten all of that. Now I remembered why I chose to block a lot of that out.

Where was I? Laundry.

Back in the day when gas was cheap, we figured out it was cheaper for the tank of gas to go to my folks house, do all the laundry all day long so the boys weren't pinned into their car seats for hours on end and come back home. And Mom usually fed us so that was a bonus. Granted I was driving home at like 1 am but it was better than the laundry mat.

You know, suddenly my night owl tendencies are starting to make sense.

Then we moved into an apartment that had a stackable washer and dryer that could hold like 3 pairs of jeans. 4 if you used the broom handle to cram it all in.

Good times.

So while I do whine and complain joke around about doing the laundry, I will still take it over the laundry mat any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Now that the camping stuff is all put away, I'm hoping to start on the den tomorrow. I make no promises as the new
Skillet album is out and we're making a trip to go hunt this bad boy down. Guys are all excited about it.

Which means they will have me up at oh dark thirty for the quest for awesome metal. Which is why I was slightly tempted to taint their sweet tea with liquid Benedryl at dinner. But luckily for them I was all out.

I left a note for Hubs to lock our door so they can't come pounce on me. Too bad there is no way for this to happen. Old house, old doors - I'm just thankful we even have a lock. That is the reason that room is ours. I'm a firm believer in the sound of a lock as the first step to foreplay. I did say FIRST step.

Moving on..

Forgive me for not answering in the comments. SITS stands for The Secret is In The Sauce. I have their blog button over on the side. It's a blog support group where we try to pass on the comments and find new blogs. When I get a lot of SITS comments it's because I was still up at 2:30 am and got on roll call before 100 other people.

Hopefully that makes it clear as mud.

What is weird about all of that is - I can't seem to be able to pick 3 posts of mine that I think is worthy to submit to be the featured blog of the day. I've asked Hubs what 3 post are the all time best, which he replies no clue.

His support is underwhelming.

Then I get hit with why bother, so I don't.

Overachiever, I'm not.


grandmamargie said...

If I get a chance, I may read some of the archives and see if I can pick one out. There are lots of good ones. Have a great day.

Kaye Butler said...

All of your post are good ones. When I have a moment, I'll read some of them too...

I'm thinking maybe some walmart post...

I have SO been telling Mary Margaret that I'm buying her an orange geo metro for her car...with flames

Scrappy Girl said...

I keep meaning to sign up for FB on SITS but I can't seem to pick 3 either...LOL!

Ugh...laundry mat...glad you survived.

Kaye Butler said...

I've been reading and reading and reading...

I read several that I like. The ones that start with...when we last saw our...

those are fuuuny. I particularly like the ones where your brain left your head and ran screaming down the hall....

Kerri said...

I haven't searched for wehre it is, but you HAVE to do the one about your waxing experience where you fall to the floor from the agony in "ladytown" was it? That had me spitting coffee on my computer for sure.

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