Monday, August 10, 2009

Stupid Computer

So did everyone have a nice weekend? It got up into the 90s and we had some nasty thunderstorms.

Which means it cooked what little brains I had left.

How else can you explain why I can't figure out how to put the post I chickened out on as a new post?

Eh, if you're interesting scroll down or click here.


Anna K. said...

I used to look at others' lives and think that they had it so much easier than I/we did. Finances, home, health...I, in a way, envied their good fortune.

Come to find out, what I thought was so much better than what we had ended up being a big facade. A nice, pretty mask to cover up the upheaval and unrest underneath.

We have storms in our home, but I'm learning the hard, but essential lesson of reveling in the sunshine that comes through the clouds.

What can I say? Sometimes life sucks, but I gotta look for those happy moments when and where I can.

If I were there with you, I'd give you a big hug, a big piece of chocolate and maybe even a mocha frappe!

I'm praying for you, Jo. You're an awesome woman, but the Lord is even more awesome and He loves you, Babe! Trust Him and rest in the knowledge that He's in control. And, please, say this back to me when I get discouraged!!

Joanna said...

I hear ya. Hugs back, Shug! :)

Can you just imagine the commotion we will cause when we get together?? Muwahaha!

Kristen said...

the reason it isn't going as a new post is because you started it at the other time :) But if you go edit posts and then click edit to get it to the main window and then posts options you have to change the post date & time to now :)

BUT just know you are not alone and life throws us things sometimes that shake us up and stuff but we just have to shuffle through it. And if we didn't have sucky moments we wouldn't have awesome ones!