Friday, August 14, 2009


While that saying is usually reserved for the working people, I still think I qualify even though I chose not to get paid for my work. I didn't think that one through too well, did I? Anyway, I am happy it's Friday. Why, do you ask? Okay, you didn't but lets just pretend. Hubs is taking the boys camping.

Cue heavenly music

I feel like this is my last weekend for scrapapalooza and then I need to put it all away and crack down on the school stuff.

Cue dooms day music

I'm not sure I'll actually get a lot of scrapbook stuff done. I need to finish up canning some relish which means I'll probably spend tomorrow grinding up veggies and letting the stuff soak over night. So my goal is to get it done during the morning (yeah right) and then have the rest of the time to scrapbook.

Not making any promises. I've left it all out and have come and gone on stuff whenever I felt like it, but I know I need to get it put up. I'm actually a little sad to do it. Most of the time I don't scrapbook is because I don't want to pull all the stuff out and deal with it.

Hence the reason why I still have baby pictures I have yet to do. And we are waay past the baby stage around here.

The boys are a bit put out that I didn't work on their books. Who knew? Most of the time they could care less what I'm doing and then when it's done they ooh and ahh then that's nice. Hmm, sort of what I do to them when they show me their latest Lego creation.

Had a good time with Kerri at our McTalking/bible study. I did get a chuckle that there were a few people that seemed to be enjoying listening in on our conversation. One lady clearly did not like us sitting there with our bibles. She glared at me most of the time so I made sure to flash her a big ol' smile.

This only made her glare all the more. Made a mental note not to frown so much when I'm an old biddy because this created creases that could have swallowed the french fries whole. And you wouldn't have noticed it.

I guess I was on a lot of people's minds this week. I got a phone call from my cousin on Dad's side and my aunt on my Mom's side. They wanted to know if I was still in the land of the living. I said the jury was still out on that one.

They both thought that was funny.
I wasn't kidding.
Dang it.

It turns out we may actually be able to save our house under the Obama plan. This may mean I can't post anymore snarky comments about the government in general. We shall see what the fine print has to say. So the jury is still out for now. But we have to make sure to get a payment in before September or our house moves into foreclosure status.

Good times.

Oh and Hubs isn't working tomorrow.

As I told Kerri, I am pretty shocked at how much I struggle to believe. So easy to say yes amen when it's going good but it's another when all your senses are screaming you're screwed.

Other than that not much to blog about. Hope ya'll have a good weekend.


Kristen said...

Old biddy, that makes me laugh!!

Also, you are right that it is harder to believe & trust when things are going bad, but hang in there! The bad come along with the good to teach us, help us to trust and give us more lessons that we can ever imagine! Plus deep down part of me thinks life would be boring if it were good all the time. *hugs*

grandmamargie said...

I'll be praying.

Kerri said...

Yeah, and the old man that was there the last time harassing me about the color of my hair.... they were there too! And he asked if we were in the same class...he probably thought we were in college. Oh, bless his heart!!!

jubilee said...

I'll pray that things work out with your house. Can't imagine having to worry about losing it.

Kaye Butler said...

My uncle (on moms side)called to invite me to his 2nd wedding. I said will SHE be there and he said IDK and I said , you DK. I might not make it.

Some how a wedding with the high pitched squeeling woman who tells everyone we are bestest buddies is not my idea of a fun labor day weekend.

And cudos to the McBible Study thingy that sounds like fun.

Anna K. said...

Yay, a possible solution for the house!

Boo, no more scrapbooking! I've got a book all ready to be filled with the Bubs's first year of school stuff. Ready and waiting...and waiting and waiting.....

Julie said...

Have fun on your man-free weekend! *lol* ... I always hate to admit it, but I do so enjoy having the house to myself. ;)

The lady with the frown at Mickey D's... Very amusing. *lol*

Sarah said...

Hope you're having a great weekend, getting lots of scrapping done and whatever else you have on your list!

You are so right about trusting in the good times vs trusting in the bad times. So much harder when things are difficult. I hope the possible solution for the house works out for you!

Aleta said...

When Katrina hit... life seemed to stop. Won't go into the details. Sometimes it's good not to rehash memories, but it was hard. Things are much better now. Life is still a struggle, but it's OK.

Vent, Blog, Call your friends, share because that's what we're here for.