Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This May Just Prove I Am A Goob

So what did I spend most of Tuesday doing? Well that would be a cross between bawling my head off after finding out the payroll check bounced and going farm crazy on Facebook. They should call it Facecrack or Crackbook.

I've heard of people getting addicted to games and what have you but I wasn't even interested. Then the whole, gosh I'm bored and in about 45 minutes I need to start cooking dinner, when I was pulled to the dark side.

Remember Sylvester saying, 'one little bird, no one will know'?? Yeah.

Hubs asked how was my day. After all the wringing of the hands and his annoying calm reason of we'll be okay, I think my voice returned to it's normal pitch. He said his boss already told him about it and they'll cut him another check and all the fees will be covered as well. So yes, we'll be okay. But this so did not help the situation.

So after all that, I was telling him about how I've been getting confused on Farmville and Farm Town and all the blah, blah, blah and this crop grows faster on that one but I get confused as to which blah, blah, blah...

It took me a while to notice the deafening silence that was coming through the phone. I thought the call was dropped. He started chuckling at me. The nerve. I said it was no shock that I was a dork on many levels so why should one more level be any surprise to him. More chuckling.

Me: Okay, what is so funny?
Hubs: You are.
Me: Why?
Hubs: Because you take like 20 minutes to explain, and justify, why you are doing yet another thing on the computer.
Me: And this is hilarious because?
Hubs: I just find it amusing.
Me: Why do you find it amusing?
Hubs: Oh no, you're not tricking me into one of those long winded conversations of explain my every thought behind every feeling. Forget about it!
Me: Dang! I rushed it. Usually you walk right into those.
Hubs: more chuckling

And just to keep him laughing...

Remember the mouse? The larger than life mouse, Vinnie, that winked at me?? Oh happy day he wasn't a rat. Repeat - wasn't. How do I know? Because his fat caboose got kersnapped in the mouse trap. Booyah!

So when Hubs walked into the mud room/pantry and saw the dead thing, he yelled, "I caught you, you fat bastard!"
To which I replied, "Okay, I'm sorry! I was hungry and wanted a snack."
After much laughing, he said not me. Proving he is rather smart. A bit slow, but smart.

In other who cares news, my fingers are still hurting from all the erasing of older workbooks. I told Hubs that for the Latin book I'm going to just type it out and print it off. I don't think I have enough erasers or finger strength! Ouch.

Also found out that the air-conditioning until from upstairs is leaking on the downstairs one and cold water has soaked the carpet all around the window. I spent most of the evening sucking that up with the shop vac.

Good times.

Found out the boys knew of this much earlier and never said anything about it. Then I had to fight the urge not to smack them, and myself, upside the head. I may have said repeatedly, 'frontal lobe misfire' a time or 2. Hundred.

After the guys all went off to bed, I snuck back over to the computer to check my crops only to discover my friend Missy who got me started on it was hanging out at her farm. We were chatting away on her farm when she said hold on and my phone starting ringing. It was her. She walked me through a few more things and we got to chatting.

Proof that I may be a goob but at least I have a good time doing it.


jubilee said...

I've gotten sucked into Farmville. Ughhhhh! Wanna be neighbors?! :)

Kerri said...

Sometimes I guess I AM glad I have dial-up. Can't get Farmtown.

Anna K. said...

I haven't discovered Farmtown, but I have discovered Hubby's XBOX! (Cue wild cackle) Have a profile and everything...

The way you and your Hubs laugh together reminds me of the way the Hubs and I joke around with one another...I'm still laughing about the fat bastard misunderstanding!

Joanna said...

Jubes - oh yes we need to be neighbors. Look for my email.

Kerri - be glad.

Anna - it's wasn't a misunderstanding I do that to him just to mess with his head. hee hee :)

Young Wife said...

Ha, ha! I like Farmville because unlike Mafia Wars or Sorority Life, no one attacks you. It's just not nice to steal someone's contraband! Glad the mouse is finished. Frontal lobe misfire! I'm going to use that.