Wednesday, August 12, 2009

You Got To Be Kidding Me

You can tell it's getting closer to back to school time. Angst is in the air. Parents all winking and giving each other high fives - unless you're homeschooling, then it's business as usual.

Last week I had to go to stuffmart to pick up a few things, while there we went by the school supply area. As we were walking by I snagged a bag of pens and a few other items. I wanted to get out of there as fast as possible from the lady with the truck load of kids that were tossing each other into the bins of school supplies.

What can I say other than 75 cents for a 10 pack of pens was worth it?

Later that day, I was looking at the package of pens and it just sent me to boil. "Bic Cristal Celebrating 50 years in the USA" the package boldly stated. So in honor of their 50 years in the USA they are having a give away of find the pen with the gold ink and you can win a 14 K gold bullion bar. It said to see details on back. Okie-dokie. Turned it over and it said made in Mexico.


Celebrating 50 years in the USA but now made in Mexico?? I happened to noticed our toothpaste and a few other goods that have on the darn product with something or another about it being a proud USA product on the front but flip it over and a lot of it says made in China OR made in Mexico. So why slap a USA label on it?

The company I am most angry with is Hershey. I lurv me some Hershey. If I were to have an autopsy I can guarantee no drugs would be found but you can take it to the bank that there would be some form of Hershey floating in the system.

We even toured the place 3 summers ago. I wanted to test their security system. My MIL and I had a plan that both of us would dive into their vat of chocolate and see how long it took to be rescued. Sadly their security turned out to be very well as we could only ride their little ride with singing cows telling us how they make the wonderfulness known as Hershey's chocolate all on the other side of some very thick Plexiglas.

It took about 2 months to get the darn song out of my head, btw.

Let me tell you, my MIL and I both searched our purses to see if we could cut through that thick Plexiglas. We were even willing to toss FIL at the thing a time or twenty to break it.

It's the little things that can make you bond.

However, we knew our efforts were lost when we saw the darn beaters. It wouldn't have shaved off those troubled areas - it would have sliced and diced us to bits. But what a way to go - smothered in chocolate. Guess it really would have been death by chocolate.

We took yet another tour to hear how Mr. Hershey originally started with caramel and had gone bankrupt 2 or 3 times to finally get his dream up and running. It said several times how proud he was that his product was an American made product.

Would you like to know it's now made in Mexico?

Bet old man Hershey is doing a twirl or two in his grave over that.

What did crack me up about the whole Bic pens was their game was only open for legal residents of the 50 States and Washington D.C. Got to love that - legal resident.

If you'll excuse me I need to meet a new friend - a Mr. Nestle and see where he's made from.


Dianne said...

You might want to give Mr. Mars a try also. Couldn't hurt. As well as any FOREIGN chocolatiers who actually tell you they are not from good ol usa. Hey, we are talking CHOCOLATE here. Not healthcare or anything unimportant like that...CHOCOLATE.

Young Wife said...

That is stupid. Stuff like that annoys me. My mother loves Hershey's. I'd been dreaming that one day I'd have enough money for a girls weekend for the two of us at Hershey. I'd even found out about the chocolate pedicures! Never mind. Legal residents only...that's incredibly ironic.

Kerri said...

I have seen that before too, it says Proudly Made In the USA and then on the back or inside or something it says Made in Mexico. I think they can legally do that if they make the actualy PARTS in the US, and then ship them to be assembled somewhere else.

Oh, and a contest that excludes illegals? Oh my GOSH, you better alert Brother Obama, so he can waste more tax dollars on fixing this atrocity so we are ALL equal!
{pardon me while I go vomit}

Julie said...

Now we know why the economy sucks... They are sending all our products to other countries, so that they can be made cheaper... And now half of America is out of work as a result. *sigh*

Anna K. said... about opening a can of worms (or chocolate, in this case)!

I was in "Fart Mart", as the Hubs calls it, the other day and the masses were out. Kids running around willy-nilly with their wild-eyed parents behind them doggedly checking off their lists. Oy.

jubilee said...

Love this post. You crack me up. I've been denying myself any form of chocolate for about four days now. This post is just what I needed: vicarious chocolate experience!