Monday, September 7, 2009

And Here We Go

Right about now I'm feeling the urge to breathe through a bag. Although I have no idea why people do that, but it lets other people know that 'Hey, this person has issues'. Granted, I'm used to people looking at me that way anyway but this is a prop that is to be taken seriously.

But knowing I would get about zero percent sympathy, I tossed the paper bag and found an M&M bag. Much better!! Although I about horfed up my lung when one got stuck in my throat. The dangers of sucking down an M&M. Let this be a lesson for all to chew it, not inhale it.

Ah, yes. I see I'm already sporting my teacher 'let us learn something' state of mind. This is good. Most years my mind is in another state saying, 'you can't make me'. So I would say progress has been made.

We had a good weekend. Got to hang out with friends, and we played a few games of Risk with the boys. M won the first game, I won the second, and N won the last one. There was some gruesome battles but fun was had by all.

Computers are up and running (thank you Gangsta Ninja! I owe you some form of dessert)

I need to make a couple phone calls to reinstall codes for programs and some time this week copies need to be made of one workbook. All an all, I would say we are all systems go for a new school year.

Luckily for me, I will be having McTalking time tomorrow night. I will so be needing it.


Kerri said...

YAY for McTalking time! When Doug tol me he had a meeting Thursday night, I was like "Nooooooo!!" Then I was like IMMEDIATELY on the phone to see when you could go... I"m SO glad it's tonight. Girl, I need it too!
Love ya


thanks for coming to visit me at SPEAKING FROM THE CRIB! appreciate your presence and hope to see you back soon!

Julie said...

I never chew M&Ms ... I always let them melt in my mouth! :D

Kristen said...

I like to let them melt :) I think inhaling would hurt! Glad you are up and running for a new school year!

Anna K. said...

"horfing up a lung"

I'm still chuckling over that phrase! You should have been born a Southerner, m'dear, for you can sure turn a phrase!

Chocolate, McTalking time, computers that work...Hallelujah!

Dianne said...

I am so hurt, I didn't make the list. I am crushed. I know Kaye got to you, didn't she.....this thing is not over....

jubilee said...

" . . . a prop to be taken seriously" You crack me up! When I was a kid and someone at school was breathing into a bag, I was fascinated. Like a train wreck you couldn't take your eyes off of. I never knew what would make a person do such a thing.

Then I became a mother and now I know.