Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Aw Man

When we last left our heroine, her computer caught a nasty virus. As it hacked and coughed and blew her right off her blog, she sat totally shut out of all the bloggy goodness. Not to mention her crops on various Farmness.

There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

She had to use the tiny computer with the majorly uncomfortable chair and hunch over to even see the darn screen all because she missed her InterPeeps. And while this post is far from anything note worthy, she simply felt totally lost without checking in several times a day.

Not like she has issues or anything.

So she found herself walking around aimless, trying her darnedest to ignore all the other things that needed to get done. She was rather successful. When she thought she could stand it no longer, she grabbed a couple pillows to sit in the pain-in-the-rear-chair to hop onto the blog and say -


Other than feeling totally lost, I spent the day bawling for no reason, slammed back some chocolate and my inner Cruella showed up to say howdy. I'm sensing aunt flow will be here shortly. This started to trigger a few warning sirens and I had to give a red alert to the guys that I'm just a tad bit emotional right now.

Their eyes grew wide, the size of dinner plates, and they backed away slooowly. At one point they tossed a piece of chocolate at me and screamed, "save yourselves!" Over actors. Sheesh.

After I inhaled the chocolate, I had to tell them it's more of a yellow alert meaning I'm more weepy than crabby. When they realized their lives weren't in any danger, they suddenly remembered the chocolate.


I did hear one of them say next time to wait for 'that tone of voice' and 'the eye twitching' before they lose out on the chocolaty life preserver.

What cracks me up is they never seem to notice the Reese cups in the freezer door. Oh yeah, man, the mighty hunter, and all his powers of observation is something to, um, well, I guess behold.

Knock yourself out dudes, but I've got the bag of chocolate goodness.

I do have to say, Dianne I am so sorry I bailed out on you to harvest the trees but that was right when my computer had shut off as in o-f-f off - shut down, do not pass Go, do not collect $200, buh-bye. I did spent today on mini-puter getting my farm back into shape.

Cuz it's all about priorities.

Kaye your video clips are hoolarious but it was really dark and I couldn't see your smiling face and Taylor wasn't even there. Only MM was visible. I bow in your techy presence cuz I wouldn't have a clue how to do that. Now I have to ask if you send all your blogging buds video 'hey theres' or is it just moi?

Inquiring minds want to know - like me.


Kaye Butler said...


You are the only one for us.

You are the only one we stalk.

Beware there are new ones coming today.

I have a feeling that one of them will cause you harm if you are drinking or eating chocolate.

Dianne is having farming withdrawals, her enternet was down too!

Kerri said...

Missed ya on here!
Love ya

Julie said...

Hey! Save some of that chocolate for me! *lol*

prashant said...

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