Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So I was going through some old post from last year. I can't remember my reason for it now. Sometimes it's like watching a slow train wreck. Which makes no sense to me as I'm the dork that needs a spotter while watching TV if it's safe to look. At least the 10 yr old feels good about his roll.

When it dawned on me that Hearts at Home is going on this weekend. And I can't go. First, it was the money issue but then a wedding falls on the same date and the wedding won.

I won't get to see my pretend BFF Sally. Which I'm sure she can't remember my name by now as I haven't emailed her in forever. The nerve of me going through this whole screw it stage. Should I do this or that? Screw it. Should I say this or that? Screw it. So-and-so has been on my mind should I give them a call? Screw it. Should I care that I don't seem to have a brain that is fully functional? Screw it.

Really takes a toll on little things like relationships and such. It's not that I don't think about people or pray for them when they come to mind but I just seem to have no follow through lately.

Much like my dieting and exercise program. SCREW IT.

This is major faux pas on my Dad's side of the family. Those gals had a card for every occasion known to man. Except a congrats on your parole card. Pity cuz Dad is going to need one soon.

I remember being a wee little thing, so this tells you it was a loong time ago, when my Grandma pulled out her card box and her planner. She had everyone's birthday, anniversary and graduation date in there and had her calender all marked on who was to get what card for that month.

Clearly I did not get this gene. Grandma's fuzziness - yes, able to keep track of things and um, care - that would be a big NO. Bet my Mom's gene pool drowned that one out.

Sure enough for Hubs b-day a card from Grandma and my aunt came right on time. It's sort of sick and disgusting for someone like me who has a snowball's chance in hell at being that on top of well, anything like that. I think it makes my Hubs OCD heart go pitter patter. It's just too bad he didn't pass along that organization gene to our spawn.

Oh genetics how you can be such a cruel prankster.

I wonder now if dude thought he could teach me in the ways of Jedi organization skills but had no clue just how strong the dark side really is for me. What can I say? They had cookies and had a grass roots feel about them in a 'we sort of care but not really' dark side way of doing things.

Or not.

My Mom NEVER came close to getting someone's birthday right or even close until now. The envelope was address to me but the letter was sort of for Hubs but not really. And sort of was saying, 'hi, I'm doing fine' but not really. I can't remember the rest as my eyes glazed over.

But at least she didn't ask for a favor. Well, that's not true. She's learned to reword it so it doesn't sound like she's asking a favor when she really is. Like she needs so-and-so's number and could I pass that on to someone else. Then goes on and on about how they are still getting pieces of the puzzle.

I think she is the puzzle.

I told Hubs I want to get her a Christmas present. I want to get a rock that says how to keep a stupid an intelligent person on the quest for knowledge on the right path - please turn over. With the same thing on the other side and then count how many times she turns it over and over. If I could find it with the strike through all the better.

I knew she was going to send a reply to the card I sent her for her birthday that arrived like a week late. Told you that gene was a strong one. I should probably get a card for Dad as his birthday is next week. Which means I'll send it out sometime within the next 2 weeks.

Just keeping the family tradition alive and well.

And I have to laugh because this was a cause for some serious angst with my Grandma over the years. She thought it to be horribly rude not to do the whole card thing. My Mom said at one point they were spending $200 for cards, stamps, and what have you around Christmas time when they said no more. My Grandma is still mad about it.

Now that I carry on the screw it gene, my Mom complains about it. She dropped a lot of comments about how she would like a letter. I find it sickly hilarious. My Grandma even commented on it in her letter - that we could barely read. She said she knows Mom didn't raise me right on the proper way to correspond but I really should send my Dad a letter or someone in the family a note just to let everyone know we're doing okay.

Um, yeah I'll get right on that. Maybe. Kind of. Well, not really. What's wrong with a phone call? But since they all look at us as the bad guys now cuz of the hard line we're taking with my folks, I'm thinking screw it.


grandmamargie said...

Alrighty, then. :)

Dianne said...

SCREW IT! Your too busy farming...and watching totally useless utube videos.

Kerri said...

I was going to leave a comment, but...SCREW IT!

hehehehheh Just kidding!
Hang in there, girlie. I love ya!

Julie said...

Now you can have a new logo/motto (whatever)...

Instead of saying, "Just Dew It!"

You can say:



Anna K. said...

I want that rock!! I thought of at least 5 different people I could give it to! Yes, I am warped that way...It warms the heart to know that I'm not alone!

By the by, "SCREW IT" seems to be the motto of the last few weeks around my house...um, not literally. *sigh* I wish! ;o)

jubilee said...

I think I may have gotten the "screw it" gene somewhere along the line too. Sometimes I revel in it and other times I feel terribly guilty. ugh.