Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm Sort Of Forgetting Something

What could it be? Oh yeah! My blog.

Yeah, sort of behind. Got that. Sorry I did not have much time to really post. I've been having some computer issues still. Only this time it's different. My computer has been booting me off the Internet which is probably Al Gore getting back at me for all my smart remarks about him and his creation. On top of that, I got a bunch of messages from other friends that their Facebook account got hacked all due to FarmTown and Farmville. Not sure if I got hacked or something cuz the computer goes nuts anytime I try to play it.

I can hear the comments from here.

Mainly from my family that whine comment I'm on the computer too much. And don't even get them started on what has been dubbed 'that lame farm thing she does'. But Hubs has said that if I would just stop playing the lame game everything would be fine. Just because I don't find splitting wood therapeutic I get to be the weird one. Whatever.

I'm finding fewer and fewer things I can zone out on relax and unwind with simply because they won't leave me alone. Read a book? It appears to be Jared's new mission if someone is holding pages all held together in a book like state to decided that you must really need to know his latest opinion on whatever it is he can come up with.

For the most part I'll play along but lately it's been wearing thin. I'm not sure what exactly is going on with him. The older 2 never were like this at this stage. I know he's bored. He's been cooking through his school stuff so that's good. Trouble is he gets done a lot sooner than his brothers and won't go find something to do. So pester Mom until she snaps is the new game.

I'm hoping he'll develop it into a video game and make us millions but I usually snap back to reality to find he is still telling me some made up thing with a stuffed animal. I wipe drool off of my chin and try to refocus on him until I feel that 'had enough' pulse through my veins.

It doesn't help that N was on another I am upset hear me roar rampage. I really hate it when I find out afterwards - days later. It's like dudes, there is a problem come get me so we can deal with this now NOT days later.

We were getting ready for church when I find out N didn't want to go to bed so was being a royal jerk and was smacking J with his shirt. M stepped in and they had a wrestling match to get N to stop it. From what I gathered M won and was trying really hard not to be smug about it. I remember yelling up at them for the last couple of nights to knock it off but no one said anything until it was time to get ready for church and then I get the low down.

Way to set the mood as we're off to praise the Lord. Amen.

Chewed dude a new one and I was late, so Hubs and the boy went off while I got the rest of us put together. Did I mention we were having a potluck? Got as much together as I could and declared it good enough.

Talked to N today and he is doing better. He even said he should have taken his frustrations to God instead of taking it out on other people. I'll give him a gold star once I actually see him do it rather than just say what he should have done. I can give a nice long list of things I should have done yet continue to do the same stupid thing over and over.

But that's for another blog post.

So here I sit with a computer that goes berserk anytime I try to play FarmTown or Farmville (totally lost a crop too) a kid that won't leave me alone, not to mention another kid that is just going through some growing pains.

I forgot to respond to a few emails and I saw Anna's comment about seeing a doctor. Lumps are already gone and judging by the cramps I was having, aunt flow should be due to arrive sometime in the next month.

Welcome to my fun house of crazy.

Last night I got to finally sit around 8 and I crashed hard. Hubs suggested I just go to bed or I would be up until 4. I actually listened and headed off to bed much to his shock. So did not want to get up this morning. I hope my bod has decided sleep is a good thing and will aim to have more of it - at night.

Looks like school is going good and doesn't need to be tweaked or anything. But my schedule is out of whack and I'm trying to figure out how get it back in gear. Like blogging. I'll have all these good blog posts rolling through my head but no time. Once I get time all those ideas are looong gone and I'm left with the drivel I end up posting and really shouldn't.

Someone asked how I would describe my blog. After coming up blank with anything normal, 'praise the Lawd and pass the choc-o-light cuz I am a mess, Ethel!' was my reply. What blog category would that fall under? Mommy blog? Get thy spawn awayeth from me-eth. Political blog? Give thine thou chocolate before thy scratcheth thou faceth off-eth - sort of has a nice ring to it.

Except I'm not really sure what I just said.


Kerri said...

Ug. Just typed my comment and the whole page disappeared! Good to see ya back. I'll call you tongiht or tomorrow... when are we doing Bible study and McTalking?

Julie said...

My Jared likes to talk my ear off too... Must be a Jared thing! *lol*

Joanna said...

Well my computer got hacked. Speedy is hacking and coughing and is down with a virus and won't be up and running until sometime Friday.

Anna K. said...

Ick on the computer probs! Wish I could send over my McGeeky (hubs) to help out...

You got some sleep! Yay yay yay!!!

Young Wife said...

Ha, ha, ha! Oh, my word. You crack me up. Not finding chopping wood theraputic...Oh, hee, hee. By the way, you should move to Texas. We're farming away with no hacks. Hope your computer stops booting you off!

Kaye Butler said...

How old is Jared?


I think your blog is a Heinze 57 Blog, a little bit of this and a whole lotta that!


Kaye Butler said...

Now that I read that last statement, it kind of sounds gross.

Kaye Butler said...

I think I need to floss.

jubilee said...

Oh, I hear you with all the computer problems. The Calm One is ready to call in reinforcements. I'm not sure Dell has what he's looking for though. Not sure ANYONE has what he's looking for.

Whirling Dervish has my attention for most of the day and he takes advantage, lemme tell you. By nightfall I am ready to be done with all the hanging onto mommy stuff. He never is. One day I'll look back and wish for these days again, I know.