Friday, September 4, 2009

Isn't That Special?

When we last left our heroine, she was on the verge of a new cyber frontier. All her hopes and dreams were building up to something with more memory than a smushed pea and faster than a speeding gnat - with it's wings on fire.

Gruesome, isn't it?

Only to have it dashed to pieces as we tried mouse after mouse all to no avail. As it's sort of hard to do anything without a mouse, we had to pull the plug on it. Our heroine sat and watched as it flatlined, taking all of it's cyber goodness away with it.

Hoopty, btw, totally mocked us as we had to plug it back in. Our heroine choked back bitter sobs as the smushed pea's memory further shriveled. (Ok, side note I just had a virtual memory too low flash at me. I got to quit making hoopty mad.) It even booted her off FarmTown just for spite. Cries of why could be the next room.

Mark my words, hoopty - you're days are numbered.

I trust that it's just a small glitch. Otherwise my Jedi will turn it to the darkside. Help me, Gangsta Ninja - you're my only hope. HOWEVER, tell it to Hubs because I won't have a clue what you said and it will cause my brain to breakdance right out of my head. I can't dance but rest assured I can break something.

It just dawned on me, why do I refer to myself as the heroine?? Um, I ain't saving nothing. I certainly am not fixing anything. Last I heard, there was a petition to get me tossed off my blog going around. The judges were Me, Myself, and the Crazy One. Right now it's in a grid lock. Doesn't look too good for me.

Because I'm stuck with a hoopty computer that is full of spite and sarcasm!!! Oh the cruel irony of it all.

In case you couldn't tell, I'm getting really slap happy from the lack of sleep. This can't fall asleep until 4 am thing is getting old. I must be stopped. Because who knows what I'll say or do next?

And with that our heroine leaves the room.

Can you believe I post crap like this and people still like me??? I KNOW!!! Anna even gave me an award and accurately states I have a "slightly warped sense of humor". This is me on my good behavior. (Tosses head back and cackles) I guess I'm really going to have to amp it up and go all batty to get the full warp speed sense of humor.

Thanks, Shug! Yer the best. I raise my glass of sweet tea, of course, and salute you.

I'm to pass this along and I think it's rather fitting that I pick Kaye. She's as crazy as me. Well close as I'm still training her in the art of crazy. But she is Anna approved. Even without the begging - cuz she's nice like that.

Kerri - If I wasn't so lazy I would post the link to her rooster story. It is hilarious. She's also has some well written stuff about chronic illness and the challenges she faces on a daily basis.

Jubilee - would be another one I pick. Besides the fact she's as addicted to the whole farm thing as I am, she has some great book reviews and all around good email buddy.

Speaking of email buddies, Margie if I could edit this for best email person you would take the crown!

I'm also giving a holla to rthling(Diane) - us crazy homeschool people need to stick together. She also cracks me up and suffers from a crazy mother as well.

I hope y'all have a great Labor Day weekend. We took the boys to see G.I.Joe which was a really great movie. Not much planned. I got the last of the scrapbook stuff all packed away and we're gearing up to start school. So for those of you who are about ready to enjoy the weekend - we salute you!


grandmamargie said...

Thank you for the very nice compliment. It will be just a regular weekend for me as I have to work Monday. But we will have Miss A Dorable again this weekend so I'm sure it will be good. Have a great day.

jubilee said...

Aw, shucks. Thank you. Right back atcha, sistah. Now, I am off to check my crops!

Anna K. said...

You're very welcome. You earned it! I've read your blog on days when I didn't feel like breathing, much less laughing, and you got me to laugh until I wheezed.

Why wouldn't the mouse on the comp work? I'm curious. Maybe I'll bug the Hubs about it. He's a tech whiz.

Julie said...

Bummer about the computer! I would be clueless how to fix that! (thank goodness we have a computer guy *lol*)


found your blog from EVERYDAY OCCASIONS. i gave anna her award! I love finding new blogs, and really LOVE your blog! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Come and give me a visit to follow and I'll return the favor!

Kerri said...

Why, thank you Ma'am! Bummed that Sunday didn't work out...but Thursday will be awesome anyway. Didn't get the books yet... probably won't be til Tuesday now. Anywho...we have to finish the other one.

We did AWESOME with the garage sale. Details later. And we sold the desk, thank you Jesus!!!

Kaye Butler said...

It took me 3 days to read this.

Been away from my computer to have some fun time with my peeps, Taylor and M&M. Can you beleive there was NO drama for two whole days?

Came back yesterday and am totaly swamped at funeral home.

Thank you oh great and masterful teacher of blogging and crazy for the award. Have you noticed lately all the nice adjectives I've used to describe your blog in my comments?

Kaye Butler said...

Also, I think the real reason you gave the award to Dianne is because you know her days are numbered and you are feeling sorry for her. The homeschooling thing was just a front. Go on admit it.

I'm gonna post my award this afternoon when things aren't so crazy at work.

Joanna said...

Kaye - wrong Diane.

Anna - hugs to ya.

Kaye Butler said...


I didn't have time to click on the link.