Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mock And Scorn

Can you just hear the wails of anger? That is my response as Hoopty computer was saying nanner nanner boo boo I knew you'd be back.

Hangs head in shame

Yup, had to plug hoopty back in as speedy has yet to be fixed. N's math is on that computer and dude had all of last week off because of it. Not cool. So we plugged hoopty back in and I'm deleting just about everything I can off of it and then I'll have to load the math back on. Which means I'll have to call their 800 number to get yet another code from them to activate the program. Then I'll have to add in the answers to get him caught back up to where he was at because I know that if I tell him 'do over' he'll lose it.

And so would I.

Makes me so mad I could just spit!! Or cuss but I already did that. This is like the third time we've had this happen. Get everything up and going and whamo! crash and burn. The trouble with this is I find myself totally cynical about the whole thing. All my hopes and dreams of a faster computer gone in just a few short weeks. One step forward and 300 back.

We've had computer issues, after computer issues, after issues, after issues. Not to mention all the other issues. Dude. Enough is enough already.

I so hate viruses and the jerks that make them. As if someone doesn't have anything better to do with their time than to crash people's system. Hope they come back as a Lego piece or a Polly Pocket piece only to get sucked up into the vacuum cleaner, stuck in the belt, slowly melting away as they're broken bit by bit. Muwahahaha!!!

Except I don't believe in any of that crap so totally takes that fuzzy happy thought away. Dagnabbit.

Did I mention hoopty was a very slooow computer? Hubs said a watch has more memory than this computer. I takes it about 15 minutes to boot up and think about working. Speedy was much faster but I guess not too bright on the whole don't touch that! Actually it was my fault. How was I to know a trusted site wasn't so trusted after all?

I so hope we can get a new computer by next year.

The part I really don't want to deal with is the math program company. Since we had a computer go kerblewy last year I've had to reload this program a few times, not to mention I have 2 kids using this AND they didn't finish it last year so, by golly, we're using it again this year. I had to delete it off and then reload it. Except I maxed out the number of times I can use the code and I've had a few different codes.

Blah, blah, blah - they weren't too happy with me. Blah, blah, blah for what I paid, they should be thanking me for purchasing the darn thing. Customer service?? That is a thing of the past. Don't believe me? Go to Wal-Mart and check out their new packaging.

I've had a running conversation with people on the new wrappers at wally world. We've decided they're going retro because everything is white with dark blue lettering. We've gotten so use to the old package that ALL of us have searched high and low for something when it was right in front of our faces.

I've bought the wrong stuff because I'm been thrown over the packaging. Like butter, grabbed the wrong one. Big ol' goof up not to mention how gross.

I really hate change. Life is going along when kerwhamo! Everything is all messed up and then I have to change it all around and learn something new. And I hates, I hates it forevah!

For all the amount of blood, sweat, and tears it takes to get money to have people try to steal, harm, or just totally disregard your efforts is rather frustrating.

Makes me want to double my rapture practice. 1,2,3...jump! Still here? Dagnabbit.

I was sort of muttering about a few things while praying. Although now I'm not so sure if that could be counted as prayer as I was going on and on and on. I found myself just going off on a few things. I think God got tired of waiting for me to take a breath so just jumped right in - sort of.

Every have those moments where you'll come across several things all stringed together? While cleaning and going on and on I came across a partner letter from a ministry we support, a couple "random" articles, as well as a blog post, not to mention a book I'm reading on top of the bible study I'm doing - all with the same theme. You just know there is some exasperated angel going "hey chick, get a clue!!"

'Think about what you're thinking'. 'Take heed of your thoughts'. 'Meditate on the truth instead of lies'. What are you thinking? What is running through your head? Chances are a lot of what is going through the noggin is NOT truth.

I'm liking the thought closet from Me, Myself, and Lies. If you picture your words, whether spoken or thought, as pieces of clothing - just imagine how goofy the outfits are when you dress yourself with a bunch of lies or hurtful words about yourself.

So how am I dressing myself with my words? Good gravy I'm a bag lady. Is it any wonder why my relationships have been taking a blow lately? Bag lady 2 o'clock! Aviod, avoid!!

The weird part is none of this has been shocking news to me. I've heard this stuff before and I've read same stuff from Battle Field of the Mind by Joyce Meyers to several other books. What makes me frustrated is why isn't this stuff sticking? Years later and I'm like 'oh wow, that's what's going on, hey I've heard this before'. Why am I still circling the wagon? And what wagon?? I didn't see a wagon? So why am I to circle it???

Can I have a cookie?

Where was I? Something about change and not liking it or not being a fan of it or not having a clue how to do it? Or something along those lines.

Frustration is the name of the game now if I could just find the instructions I think I'll be doing okay. Maybe. Hopefully. I mean, I would if I could - sort of.


Kaye Butler said...

I got your back girl! I ate two packages of dark chocolate reese's peanut butter cups and some homemade brownies with chocolate chips in them AND I thought about you while I was eating all this chocolate.

I thought, "Wow, I'm glad Joanna isn't here, I'd have to take her out if she tried to eat my chocolate and then I'd be less one blog buddy".

Thats what friends are 4.

grandmamargie said...

I don't like change either. I'm a very routine type person. If I don't follow my routine, sometimes I can't remember if I did something or not. Ugh. 'Course that could be part of getting old too. :)

Kerri said...

Girl, I am getting my butt kicked with this study! Who thought a teeny little blind lady could pack such a punch! I'm learning... a LOT. You will too...I'll make sure it sticks! : )
See you tomorrow!!

Julie said...

I hate the new packaging at Walmart! It makes all the generics look so much more... well... generic! *lol*

Hope you can get a new computer soon! That would totally suck!

Joanna said...

Kaye - you amaze me with your willingness to throw yourself in harms way all to protect me. Bless you. :)

Margie - I don't think age has anything to do with it. At least I hope not. Hope your weekend with Miss Cutie-patutie was a good one.

Kerri - oy! I'm only thru one week as it is a lot to chew on. McTalking here we come!

Julie - Those packages look so sad. I've been to another store that went fancy with their brand label. Makes me think I've gone organic. Yeah - not!