Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Words Still Fail Me

Much like my computer and all my plans. Hoopty reminded me that hey it's still a bit special. I think the CD player, or drive D, is no longer in a working state. Hubs and I both thought about taking a piece of this computer and beating the ever-living tar out it, but what type of message would that send to the spawn? So another day of no math for N. Let me tell you, he's not shedding any tears over this.

Oh the words - how they fail me to capture the true depths of what I'm feeling.

Well that's not entirely true. I about filled the cuss jar but that is neither here nor there. And further proof why it's a waste to have a jar. Unless you're trying to prove that a glass jar only has a limited amount of space for containment.

Now that I think about it, I think all cuss jars need to be glass jars. Because it sort of has a comedic ring to it that as you're pelting your coins at the darn thing for losing your cool to have the speed and velocity of the coin, over a period of time, shatter the thing thus causing you to really lose your temper and let out a string that would make any sailor proud.

Just hypothetically speaking, of course.

Wow, there for a second I almost sounded smart. I'll pause why you laugh uncontrollably.

Welcome back riders! Oxygen is a good thing so take your time, catch your breath, and remember - laughing at others especially when they can't see you is a wonderful thing.

So now that I wasted all that time to say not much of anything, I guess I should actually come up with some sort of topic. Although it's rather doubtful that will happen. Why start now??

Today was a good school day in spite of all the computer issues. Older boys are loving their Latin. I'm just happy this isn't something I have to teach. Hand dude the CD, thank God for the invention of earplugs while I work with other spawn on his stuff, dude puts answers in notebook from workbook. Hope Hubs will grade it.

Besides it's all Greek to me. (snort, chuckle) I slay myself.

We were watching Drive Thru History. All dealing with Greece and Rome. While it's pretty cool, I'm noticing it's a good filler rather than being the main source. Older boys have covered this so this has been a crash course refresher. So ye-haw.

The cool thing is it tied right into J's bible stuff for today. After I did the happy dance I had to quoted a fav, "I love it when a plan comes together." (If I really have to tell you this is from the A-team just move away slowly.)

Something else that has been sort of cool - I've been reading to the boys The Case For Faith by Lee Strobel. Whoa baby! I know this won't come as a shock to you but I'm not the most logical person out there. Yet I married a man who's thought pattern runs on logic and reason. Cruel irony.

Anyhoo, the book was covering free will and most people's assumptions that A+B=C. (Walking with God by John Elderidge also covered this topic. Which I'm kind of geeking out over.) If I'm suffering and God hasn't stopped it from happening then God must not exist or doesn't care. Not so as that equation leaves out free will and/or spiritual warfare.

In the book it had in there about it's rather arrogant for a finite being with limited wisdom to question an infinite being with unlimited wisdom. Granted I had to look those words up, but thought it was really cool as this guy uses logic and reason and many atheist's conclusion right back around on them. We're only on the first objection but man it'll stretch your noodle.

While I feel this book may be a bit beyond the boys, I'm hoping it's planting some good seeds for later. It has led to some interesting discussion with Hubs at the dinner table. Wow, don't I sound like the fun teacher? Bueller? Bueller?

Lot of good stuff but those darn words are just failing me on how to put it all together. Of course, it doesn't help when I try to type this late at night!


rthling said...

Wow! That's quite a book to read the boys.
BTW, did you know that Mr. T is in the new movie, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs?

Kerri said...

I loved the A-Team! "Whatchu talking' about Sucka." I saw him the other day and I was like, DUDE...you are OLD...let it GO!!!

Ionly have one week done as well... I can't imagine having more done riht now! She's kickin'mybutt!

Kristen said...

that book sounds amazing, I think I need to read it! I put it down on my list :)

Julie said...

Jared wants to learn Spanish, so we'll be doing that when it comes time for high school... Don't plan on doing the Latin thing though. *lol* (It makes more sense to learn Spanish, because there are a lot of Mexican people in the area.)

jubilee said...

Bueller? I love it.