Monday, October 26, 2009

The Calm Before The Storm

Here it is at why am I still up o'thirty in the morning and I feel like a hush has just settled. I just finished reading another Vince Flynn book. Loved it! In my opinion he's better than Tom Clancy. Don't be hatin', it's just an opinion. While Flynn has some profanity in it nothing to the degree that Clancy puts in his.

I'm still feeling all smug that the bad guys got what they had coming to them. That is why I'm still up as I HAD to finish it. How weird is this? I started reading it Saturday. I was almost done with it Sunday afternoon but I was getting a headache so I laid down for a bit. Hubs picked up the book and finished it before he had to go to bed. Jerk. Hate it when he does that. But we love to discuss books and what we thought of it. Come to think of it we do the same thing with movies.

Anyway, before the boys went to bed, we were going over what all is on the agenda for the next couple of weeks and it is going to be go, go, go. This last week has felt very much the calm before the storm.

This week we need to get things cleaned up for the in-laws' visit for the boys' b-day. Really don't want their Pap to kill himself on some massive pile of Lego pieces. Those bad boys have been known to drop a commando. Granted it was G.I. Joe, but I thought he was suppose to be a lot tougher. I will say he held up better than the Spiderman action figure.

May he rest in pieces.

Seems like there is only going to be a few weeks left in this year that won't have something or someone going in several directions. It's enough to make me want to pull the covers over my head and hibernate until next year.

Then reality came knocking, knocking on my chamber door.

It laughed at me and said get thy bootay out of thy bed and get to work as thou has a truck load of crap to get done before the storm hits.


But to this I say Bah! Humbug!

This is the last week to see anything fall related and then your kids won't even be done trick-or-treating and the Christmas stuff will be out in full force.

I got to thinking about why have I been dreading Christmas for a while. The pressure to make good memories for the kids, to try and get them something they really want, and then toss in all the family angst and it just makes for the holiday blues. And they aren't even here yet!!! I can feel myself tensing already imagining a pile of snow on the ground and all the yucky weather and being cold until like June.

So I grabbed the nearest slipper and went to slipper slapping myself to snap out of it. Not sure if it helped. But I've talked with a few people and you can tell that stress is already in the air and on several fronts.

"Don't tell me. Sharp rocks at the bottom?"
"Most likely."
"Bring it on."
Emperor's New Groove


Dianne said...

I like that movie. Philip started putting up Christmas lights this weekend. Mad I would not let him put up tree. My line in the sand...

Kerri said...

The TREE???? Good grief, can we enjoy Thanksgiving first??

Joanna, you crack me up...all the conversations you have with yourself.

Are we on next week for McTalking? Monday would actually work better (the 2nd). I have a doc. appt. at 4:15 and could meet after that. Tuesday I have a doc appt. in Grand Rapids, and my folks want us to go to pizza with them.

Let me kwow!

Julie said...

Oh, how I wish Joe was a reader! I would love to be able to discuss books with him! ... But then, we'd probably want to read completely different kinds of books, so it wouldn't matter anyway! *lol*

Anna K. said...

I love it when you quote Disney movies!

I've been feeling the holiday pressure lately, too. Most of it revolves around doing it without Mom, but there's the usual money concerns, too. When did Christmas get to be so stinkin' expensive!?


well i have to try this new slipper slapping - i am already fall cleaning the house b/c the tree goes up november 1st - it's my favorite holiday so why not make it last 2 months? seriously? thanks for visiting me over at the crib!

Joanna said...

Dianne - there are no words.

Kerri - Monday will work just fine.

Julie - Hubby and I don't always have the same taste in reading.

Anna - it got expensive when we had to start paying for it!!

Shout out to the crib speaker! :)