Friday, October 23, 2009

Dang It

Ok I'm a bit steamed right now. I had a blog post all set and ready to go when Blogger refused to post it and kept giving me error messages. Out of frustration, and many swear words, I stormed off to bed plotting the demise of the blog.

After some much needed sleep, I rethought this.

So I pull it up today and the post I worked on is just shredded. Only saved a part of it, not all of it as the autosave decided to stop working right in the middle of the post. And there was wailing and gnashing of teeth - from me.

I may have screamed Why? a few times but I can neither confirm nor deny that.

What the hey?? I finally get around to write a post and evil forces have worked against me.

I can't even write a full post as the boys are hovering and pointing out grammar errors and went on to explain some things to me.

Dang it.


jubilee said...

The boys correcting you? You must be a great teacher!

Anna K. said...

I like how jubilee focused on the positive!

Feelin' ya on the blog frustration. I get seriously irked with blogger when I try to upload multiple photos...the spacing goes weird and then the photos somehow get deleted when I try to rearrange them. I wonder if peeps have the same probs with Typepad or Wordpress....?

Kristen said...

ahh I'm sorry!! Blogger bothers me sometimes too!!