Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dog Gone Good

It seems the doggie drama continues. The other day the screaming neighbor lady was on our front steps yelling at her dog to come back. The dog was at our front door scratching to be let in. Lady screamsalot was stomping her foot and demanded the dog come to her.

Mr. Curious decided, 'screw you lady, I'm taking my chances with these people' and went from scratching on the door to banging into the door. I lost all composure when the lady asked the dog if he wanted a spanking and started laughing. I have no idea if the dog turned around and looked at her because she asked him again and then added, 'then come here right now'.

Unable to believe what I was hearing, I proceeded to laugh even harder that set off a coughing fit. Even though the door was closed, she heard me mocking her. So she stomped up the steps, onto the porch, and dragged her dog off. The dog, who I swear yelped, 'save me', did not want to go and get his spanking.

A few hours later same dog was driving our dog nuts. At least until today.

I did hear some barking and yelling but since it's a daily, no hourly, occurrence I blew it off. Hubby got home and informed me that our dog was waiting in the driveway for him when he got out of his truck. Turns out the dog had enough and busted through a rotten board on the fence and proceeded to scare the milk bone right out of the neighbor lady and her wayward dog.

This may explain why we had the quietest evening. Haven't heard one peep from next door and that is saying a lot.

This is an old dog and is more bark than bite - now. But back in her hay day she, along with her sister, were the neighborhood terrors and were royal pests. While we lived out in the country then - they still had a reputation. I didn't care as they weren't my dogs. So the thought of her going after someone's pet made me feel bad.

Then I remembered who it was and quickly let that feeling pass.

I don't think any harm was done or I bet she would have been banging on my front door. Knowing how much this dog has mellowed, I bet she busted out just to get Mr. Curious to knock it off. She's a big dog and her size alone should have caused both screaming lady and her little dog to go away. One can only hope.

We think after her escape she hid in our backyard and didn't bother anyone else. I never heard anything. Hope she scared off the stray cat while she was back there. To the dog's credit, she took Hubs right to the escape spot to show him where to fix the fence. The fence that is rotting and needs replaced. The rotting fence that we hope out lasts the dog.

This, once again, brought up the subject of what are we going to do and how soon do we think my folks will be able to take their dog back. Problem with that is this dog does not travel well. She gets super sick. With the folks going back to Indiana we don't think this dog would make it. And there is no way I want a barfing dog to suddenly have bowl issues on a 3 hour drive.

I find myself angry at being in the situation all over again. Just to add insult to injury, my Mom tried calling today. My Dad arrived at a half-way house today and for some reason Mom tried calling me. Why she thought I would have had any information was beyond me. She should have tried calling my grandparents or my aunt who was the one that picked his butt up from the bus station.

I was on the phone with Hubs earlier today just sort of whining about a couple of things and this was before the escaping dog and my Mom calling. The whole female issue gets old real quick and I was just sniffing about how hard it is as this affects life on many levels. Not happy to be having this issue after years of not having problems.

When Hubby came home he had a mocha frappe for me. Aww! I sort of felt bad for that last post I did about him looking like Clark Gable. I told him about the post and without missing a beat, he quoted from You've Got Mail.
"152 that thinks he looks like Clark Gable."
"152 people who thinks he looks like a Clark Bar."

Truly, I love this man beyond words.

Since he gets me, I got over the somewhat bad feelings for sort of mocking him and slammed down the frappe.

Speaking of dog gone good - I tried a new recipe and even J like it. That is huge. This is easy and it fed these guys with enough left over for lunch.

Lime Chicken Tacos
1-1/2 pounds of boneless skinless chicken breast.
3 T. lime juice
1 T. chili powder
1 cup frozen corn
1 cup chunky salsa
flour tortillas
Sour cream, shredded cheese and lettuce optional

Place the chicken in a slow cooker. Combine lime juice and chili powder; pour over chicken. Cover and cook 5 hours OR until chicken is tender. (Depends on the temp settings of crock pot. Less time to cook then use higher heat.)
Remove chicken, cool slightly. Stir in corn and salsa. Take forks and shred chicken, return to slow cooker. Mix well; cover and cook on low for 30 minutes. Load up the tortillas and have at it.

It was down right yummy. Although I should have used a slotted spoon to dish it up as they were a bit juicy.


grandmamargie said...

We have a neighbor who does the same thing with her dogs. And they are annoying too. They get in our yard and try to bully our Irish Setter. Scarlett is getting old and grumpy and doesn't put up with it much anymore though. She'll usually chase them back out. But our neighbor will call and scream at her dogs and they ignore her. She will even stand out there and scream, calling them "Little Bi**hes".

Kerri said...

Yikes! Do you want a spanking?? To a DOG?? Good grief!

Julie said...

I think your neighbor has issues, and needs some help... And I really hope she is not abusing that dog!

Young Wife said...

Hooray for your dog silencing the neighbor! And her little dog too. I have said stuff like "Do you want a spanking?" to my dog, but it's because he understands exactly what I'm saying when there's food in my hand. And, even though I say that, I certainly don't let him roam around the neighbors without a leash! The recipe sounds great.