Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I forgot to mention that over the weekend Hubby got one part of the garage all cleaned out and able to put the truck gasp! in the garage. He is still tickled about it. 3 1/2 years and this is the first time any of our vehicles have been in our garage.

It's a proud moment.

For once we don't have all my folks' junk filling it up. Dude can organize like no one I know. His skills for packing 15 pounds of crap in a 5 pound bag is something to behold. So after all his mad skills, he was finally able to get his big hurking truck in there.

And he lifted holy hands in thanksgiving. Yay he went forth and bought a garage door opener and more rejoicing was to be had.

This will save him a lot of time scrapping the windshield at o'dark thirty in the morning this winter. Still too much junk for my van to fit in but I really don't care. The thought of parking in a garage sort of freaks me out. I'm worried about hitting something. Backing out of our driveway has been a challenge for me. I always forget which way to turn the wheel. I'm still amazed that one bush is still alive.

Inside joke - Shout out to the Gangsta Ninja. Don't be hating - it's not good for you. Of course, you may not want me to give you any acknowledgement as this could give you a bad reputation. Guilty by association and all that jazz. Unless you are going for some serious street creds. Although I could say, hello you left me high and dry with the computer. What is up with that???

But I will take the high road and not go there.

In other news, my Dad's letter was interesting. It turns out a friend of the family found my blog and at this point I'm not sure how much information was passed along. Dad dropped enough hints and the stuff he said are things I've only posted on my blog. No family members far and wide are aware of this here blog, nor knew any of the info for him to be able to commented on.

While a lot of what I've posted have been actual conversations, and I've pretty much said all of it to their face, I'm still irked. I know, I've posted it online for all to see and know so this is the risk one takes. That's not the point. It's still the fact that I feel like I can't get away from all the junk that follows after them. I'm still linked to them no matter how hard I have cut, sawed, chopped, and burn that darn link. It's like I have nothing that is my own without one or all of them trampling all over it.

I'm not embarrassed, just feel like it's one more cord for them to tie around my neck. One more reason for me to pause before I hit the publish button. That has been weird too. Seems like no matter what I post, someone has a negative opinion.

There is no justification for the person passing this along, can't even claim it's out of concern. Yet another scenario of someone sticking their nose in something that doesn't concern them. All labeled 'I was just trying to help'. Sheesh! I just love the fact that people see me as a problem to be fixed. More like how can we control her so she'll do what we think she needs to do.

I was telling all of this to Hubs when N sat there and shook his head. He asked if that was some sort of bloggy violation. I told him no. It's public domain and people can interpret any information the way they want, regardless if it's true or not true. Very much like gossip. It doesn't have to be true for people to pass it along.

Both N and M said that is down right scary. I said it's the nature of the beast. Also a lesson to be careful what you write. N said that is self-editing and could stifle the creative process of learning about who you are. I laughed at that one. I said self-editing isn't a bad thing. No one really wants to know everything we have to think on every subject. M said I just burst N's bubble as he was sure the world revolved around him.

Needless to say, that comment set off a snark attack. Not to be confused with a sneak attack. A snark attack is where there is a lot of meowing and some hissy thrown in for good measure. Much like the stray cats that have been hanging out in our backyard.


Kaye Butler said...

Someone pointed my blog out to my bosses while I was on vacation. Luckily, they are old and have forgotten about it AND to use the internet they have to ask me to help them. If they ever ask, I'll say "You must have me confused with the other secretary that stole 35,000 dollars from you". That statement right there will assure me as least half the day of no work, just have to sit and listen to the tale again and hammer out what they should have done vs what they did.

Kaye Butler said...

As for the stray cats, maybe your crazy neighbor lady's dog will be attacked by the cats. Wouldn't that be funny.

Julie said...

I hate it when family discovers the blog, which is why I moved it and made it google-free... Hoping they don't find it again!

Aleta said...

I love our carport, but considering the thing crashed down on my car and just about totalled it (thank God it was repairable), I totally understand your hesitation to the garage. :)

As for blog etiquette. Yes, it's out there and yes, people will find it no matter how much you don't want them to. And yes, you have that right to get annoyed. It's YOUR blog. Post what you want. Greg "monitors" my blog. Sometimes he says I put TMI. Well, actually, he says I put WAY too much info, but ah well. Only once has he requested me to delete something and I did. Otherwise, he warns me against politics and religion. I did post religion today on my blog, but I figured it was about a friend and he couldn't mind ~ that! Lol.

My family does read my blog and if they don't like it, don't read it, I say!

Anna K. said...

Kudos to the Hubby for his triumph over the garage!

I have relatives that read my blog all the time. Sometimes I have to be mindful of what I publish...not to mention, the Hubs is sensitive about how much info I put out there. I don't let that inhibit my "creative flow" though.

It's YOUR blog, baby, and no one can change that....please don't change as I love reading what you write!

Young Wife said...

Hooray for parking in the garage! I considered making my blog anonymous, not telling family and friends, but I figured something like this might happen. People always seem to find you. I'm sorry people are gossipy and mean. I'm dealing with a bit of that myself. I'm seriously considering getting rid of my Facebook account.