Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Slacker - A Way Of Being

How sad is this? Boys were all laid out today and I had visions of reading dancing through my head. Too bad that so did not happen. Spent a lot of time cleaning the kitchen and working on laundry. I got to the 'I smell so bad I offend myself' stage and took a nice long hot shower. The only way to get that is to take one in the afternoon.

I am slacker, here me roar.

Kids are only doing slightly better and the conversation sort of went like this.

Me: "I tell ya what - set the alarm later so you have some extra time to sleep. We all know if no alarm is set we won't see Michael until noon. And we are going to do some school work tomorrow."
M: "You say that as if that's bad."
Me: "No, I say that as your teacher and parent who really doesn't want to see you do school work right up til dinner time."
M: "Aaaand that's bad?"
N: "Dude, you so have a fever cuz it cooked your brain. You had a meltdown last time."
M: takes a long suffering sigh, "It wasn't a meltdown, per say."
J: "Oh, I would say."
M: "Quiet Pip-squeak."
J: "What? You were mad, glared at everyone at dinner and then stormed off. Then when it was time for bed you went on and on about how Mom isn't very fair and..."
M: "I did tell you to button your lip before I bust it, right?"
Me: "No, no, I sort of want to hear this part."
M: "It wasn't exactly like that."
N: "But close."
M: really getting steamed, "What about you? Should I tell her what all you were saying the other night?"
N: "No, that's okay."
Me: "Ok, Peeps you're stalling. Take your meds and go to bed. There will be no name calling, no tossing/hitting/smacking or any other verb I may have missed. There will be no threatening each other or doing somersaults into bed, no aggressive rolling around on the bed or whatever it was you were doing that caused the light fixture to do the hula dance. And for Pete's sake be quiet! M'kay?"

Thankfully they went straight to bed but ended up talking for at least half an hour. They were talking about the video game they spent most of the day working on only to forget to hit the save button. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth, let me tell you. I think it was an older game as the Wii has auto save or something. I only half pay attention.

Oh the conversations about video games, my how they go on and on. I used to play a lot of games with them but it seems lately most games are only for 1 player. Really stinks when there are other people that are chomping at the bit to have a turn. Like me. But I have no desire to play as Wolverine and tear everyone to shreds while in rage mode. It's bad enough with Auntie who was doing some serious cramp kicks across the lower mid-section. So do we really want to encourage me into a rage mode?? I don't think so!!!

On a side note, my boys flipped out when they saw me use more than one punctuation mark. They said that is a violation of some grammar rule and, dear me, that put a smile on my face. Spent the rest of the day adding like 5 exclamation marks to anything I could add it to. Both M and N shook their heads at me and stated I have some weird issues.

Buddy, you have no idea.


Aleta said...

*snort laughter* Great post!!!!!! (take that - I love multiple !! too)

rthling said...

Well, you must be getting better around there, cuz avatar Joanna is dressed.

Young Wife said...

Ha, ha! I love that they correct your punctuation! My hubby did that to me the other day, and I had to explain that online, people get offended if you use too many commas like I just did.

Anna K. said...

Glad to hear that y'all are on the mend!

Personally, I think : that the more "" punctuation ?? the better.!?...

jubilee said...

I personally get much use out of double punctuation. My fav? The: ?!