Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sneak Attack

I'm trying to figure this one out. I totally got sneak attacked. First off, dear old mean spirited aunt flow said, "nanner nanner I'm baaaack!" in her most creepy voice. Seriously? It's only be a little over a week auntie!

Further proof that I am one messed up cookie.

I got to go have some girl time over coffee Monday morning. Huge thanks! I'm thinking this needs to be a mandatory once a month thing. I had a pumpkin spice latte. I am slowly turning to the darkside. Latte doesn't have as strong of a coffee taste to me. Maxwell House has an International brand of Vanilla Caramel Latte. I like it. It smells wonderful. So much so, that all 3 boys about parked their noses on my cup to sniff it.

Suddenly my desire for it went downhill a bit but I blame that on the guys.

But I was surprised as most of the time I get anything coffee it tastes pretty retched no matter how much I doctored it. And you have no idea how I have longed to be part of the coffee crowd. I've endured many a scornful look at my inability to drink coffee. This was another bone of contention for my Mom. I think she would liked to be hooked up to an I.V. of coffee and had dreams of a mini her version going out for coffee.

While her mini-me turned out to be my brother, I could tell this was yet another area where I let her down. That and the more I acted like my Dad, the more it cooked her noodle.

They say coffee is an enquired taste. I always said if you have to force yourself to like it something is wrong.

Does this make me bi-beverage? Because that's just a little out there even for me.

Moving on...

A few weeks ago I totally saved N as a spider was crawling up his arm. I could tell he had no idea and instincts taking over I reached out to just grab the thing. Trouble with that is N pulled his arm away with the what are you doing which threw off my grab. While I did kill the spider, it did manage to bite me in the hand.

The weirdos, aka my spawn, keep asking me if I'm going to turn into SpiderMom. Hilarity has continued as they tried to figure out if my metamorphosis has started yet. I told J if he even goes for the fuzzy lip stand-by I was going to knock him into next week. He said that would be good because next week is going to be eventful and exciting verses this week has been picking up and getting things ready.

Right about now, the web shooter would have been handy.

I get to hear every.single.day just how excited the guys are for their upcoming b-day. Good thing because I would hate to see them carry on their Dad's tradition of still being mad he was born, so please do not acknowledge the tragic day he arrived on this mud ball called planet earth. I wish I were kidding. He has gotten better. By a tiny bit.

As I was trying to down play the fact I was curled into a fetal position popping Midol like they were tic-tacs, I found myself at a unique angle observing the guys. I can tell some of the chewbacca gene as managed it's way to the boys. M has peach fuzz mutton chops going on. Their Dad can't grow a beard but it's looking like the boys will. At least M will.

When is it time to say, "son, shave the fuzz off your face?" It's super fine, not that noticeable but not so sure about the whole thing. Their Dad can shave once a week. He has never shaved his upper lip. It took him years to grow the stache. So I have no idea. He did show them how to shave and I managed to sneak attack a picture of this and all 4 of them threw a fit.

Soooo, I won't be posting said picture right about now. But truth be known, only because the computer has rejected my camera.

Before I forget, Hubs said I miss spoke a few months ago. When I gave him my typical blank what are you talking about look, he said that it's not Cary Grant it was Clark Gable he's always been referred to - and I didn't spell Cary right.

After I stopped blinking rather rapidly, I tried really hard to remember what the heck he was talking about. Then I remembered Ethel and Maw-maw from wally world had asked that handsome man who looked like Clark Gable to help them out.


For that little snark, it will cost him.

I can't scan any of our older pictures as I have the crappiest scanner and doesn't do the picture justice. If you can ignore the chin hair, give him longer wavy hair, stick out the ears - I see it.

I even had a picture on my camera that is sort of close to this except for the long wavy hair. But Hoopty computer, still terrified of Hubs decided to not let the camera work, thus protecting Hubs.

Unless dude is using his Jedi mind trick right now but doubt it as he's sound asleep.

The picture I posted a few months ago just doesn't have the same snarky 'frankly mah dear, I don't give a damn' look about him. Well, except this one.

But he doesn't have his Clark Gable look going on in this picture. Phooey. But both Ethel and Maw-maw had fun batting their glued on eyelashes as Mr. Dashing.

Who tells me months later about a typo.


Dianne said...

Being the tru, suthern lady that I am, I would NEVAH point out your typos. Od me, I am just all aflutter just thanking about such a thing. My smelling salts mammie...

Aleta said...

ROTFLMAO - that'll teach him to correct you on a typo. Too funny! You had me laughing throughout this post. Hope aunt flo doesn't stay long - ugh.

Joanna said...

Dianne is it wrong I wanted to use the smelling salts on him?

Aleta - glad to make you laugh. Makes my day!

Anna K. said...

That. Was. Hilarious.

And your hubby may never live it down.


Dianne said...

No, that is one of the secret weapons heh heh heh

Kerri said...

He DOES kind of look like Clark Gable!! Hmm...does that make you Scarlett??
Sorry about aunt flo. Poo.