Thursday, October 1, 2009

To Plant Or Not To Plant

I was having a talk with my long time friend on our farms on Facebook. Cracks me up. We get all our "work" done and then we hang out and talk to each other in the chat box. If that isn't bad enough, she'll call me and ask me to hop on as she has a harvest ready.

Truly, we have no lives to speak of.

J and I will sit together, plot and plan what to plant next, as it's our goal to be harvesting something every day. We try to time it that anything that takes 4 days to grow will grow over the weekend when I'm not on the computer.

For whatever reason, dude has been glued to my side lately. I keep getting stuff to pass along to him as we're in the middle of our play time. I was planting away when I got smacked upside the head with the whole 'as you sow, you shall reap' thing. Taking it beyond a game, what am I planting in my life lately?

Ruh-roh, Raggie.

There are some things I'm sowing that is going to harvest right now. Both good and bad. How am I treating the guys? Nothing will harvest on you faster than how you're treating the people under your own roof. Don't like your harvest? Then plant something different. It's why I have a numb hand with a sore thumb cuz I played some video games with J this afternoon. He was bored and on the verge of causing some angst with his brothers when in steps....super mom! Able to get on the floor to play!! (The older 2 thanked me profusely for getting him out of their hair)

However, her super status died when she almost couldn't get herself back off the floor. (Kerri, you have no idea how many adjectives I just edited out of that sentence cuz they weren't nice.)

There are some other seeds I'm sowing that will take longer to grow but in the end it will be a bigger pay off. Boy, oh boy, do I hate waiting on the thing. I've had people hanging out on my farm as we're waiting for another crop to get ready. I've 'met' some pretty neat people just hanging out and getting into snarky banter.

Again, that 'has no life' rings so true when you read that last part.

Too bad life can't be managed as well as my farms. I have it all arranged, I got everything plowed and ready for the seed and I plant the seed. But the kicker is, life is very much like that - we just don't realize it. You can plan your life farm out but it is still up to you, the farmer, to plant a seed of choice to get the harvest. You're able to plant better crops that will bring in more money the higher up you go in experience.

Gee, sort of sounds like life to me.

It's also up to you, the farmer, to get back in time to get it harvested otherwise it goes to waste and you're out the money for plowing as well as the seed.

I'm wondering how many good crops in my life I let go to waste simply because I got too busy with something else or I missed the opportunity.

Pretty darn sad on the analogies I can come up with all from a game. There is even a farm pals that I let J take over. It encourages you to put bugs and weeds in your pals' farms and to steal their harvest. Nice. Since J took that one over, he only stole one time from someone else's farm. I didn't say anything. He ended up feeling so bad about it that now he makes sure to check up on all the farms and helps out by watering stuff or spraying bug spray and does not steal their harvest.

Good boy. And what a relief.

Always cracks me up what God will use to teach me something. And I find myself passing it along to my kids for them to learn from it. J and I have had some interesting discussions about sowing and reaping. He said he finds it hard to stay focused on what he is planting in real life because he doesn't look at life as being a farm waiting for seed, nor does he realize it will reap a harvest. I said welcome to my world.

We tried for a day to 'plant seeds' with each other and his brothers with actions and words. Later that same day, he got into an argument with N and he asked me where was his harvest on those good seeds. I asked if he had planted any bad seeds maybe a week ago. The ooh look on his face was rather cute. I said it's just like when you visit someone else's farm and you get rid of the crows or weeds or whatever - keep tending to the farm and in due season it will be time to harvest whatever it is that was planted.

He thought that one over for a bit. I tell ya, there is some powerful truth in that and I'm rather curious to see what that is going to grow into. Last few months, I feel like I have just been pouring everything I got into these guys. We did the mustard seed thing and talked about crows that want to steal the seed, and how we need to keep a watchful eye over our harvest so it doesn't get stolen or gone to waste.

As he scampered off, it hits me all over again. Who is the student and who is the teacher? And why does God use the very same analogy I have given my sons to come right back around to show me some truth in my own life?

I got the ol tap on the shoulder of yeah are you being diligent to keep watch over your seed? Are you aware of your harvest? And what are you planting today? Is it the harvest you want?

I was letting that sort of wash over me when I had that look on my face like I just sucked on a lemon. Both N and M caught it and asked me what. I told them the same thing and they got the same look.

I'm thinking I'll be asking the boys hey, how's that harvest or whatcha planting? One more reason for them to hate my latest addiction. How else can I toss in an evil cackle?


grandmamargie said...

I brought forth a message Sunday at church about tares and wheat. :)

Kerri said...

Okay, number one, GOOD JOB ON EDITING!!! I'm so proud!

Second, some very profound life lessons from Farming!! So true. If you plant corn, you're gonna get corn. So simple, yet I dtill don't always get it.

My newest addiction is cold cereal. What profound life lessons can you get from that??
: P See ya Monday

Dianne said...

See, God can even use a farm on facebook! As for the other, SIL kaye and I have been on the phone, leaving comments on each others blogs, we live next door, country speaking, (I can see her house if I walk over to the edge of my yard, in the winter), and I have told her we have to hang up because I am trying to text u. No, we were not hanging out at the pizzza hut while all this was going on. I really am a farmers daughter and I have never understood how anyone could farm and witness the miracle of sowing and reaping and not be in awe of God.

jubilee said...

Hurrah for the delete button and editing-as-you-go gene. Mine has quite a few miles on it, if you catch my drift.

Reaping what you sow. Such an easy concept that is so difficult to follow through on.

Preach it!

Julie said...

You reap what you sow... I need to "sow" less on my plate, so I can "reap" a smaller waistline! *sigh*

Joy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog when I was SITS featured blogger!

Sarah said...

And one more thing that is different about farming on FB and reaping/sowing in real life...

On FB, if your plots don't look as planned or you want a change, you just click delete and *poof* it's done.

In real life, not so much.

Joy said...

Hi Joanna! Stopping by to say thank you so very much for coming by my blog on my featured SITS day last week! :o)