Monday, October 12, 2009

Well Blow My Nose

and pass the Kleenex!

I'm fine. Well, at least as close to fine as I can get. I'm only dealing with dear auntie. The boys, on the other hand, are swimming in snot, fever, chills, and sore throats. The older 2 were not doing good yesterday. They're only so-so today. I let them sleep in and gave them a sick day. They so need to work on gosh Mom we appreciate you letting us rest and recover instead of whooping it up. 2 of them are wrapped in their comforters and playing the Wii. The other one just came downstairs wrapped in his comforter and looking like death warmed over.

What a joyous group we are.

Actually, Friday Hubs didn't have work so we hung out and watched movies and played some cards with the kids. We so rock as parents, btw. Saturday Hubby was able to fix the roof leak and put up new board. So good bye to the drip bucket that was right in front of the bathroom. You ever notice when you hear dripping water it makes that in the middle of the night run to the bathroom THAT much worse? Just me??? Well....

J was feeling fine until this morning when he went kerchooo and launched a snot wad. (Sorry Kerri. Your gag reflex should go down the older your son gets) He's not running a fever but he said his throat is sore. I did want any slacker mom would do and passed out blankets and the meds, made hot chocolate and said they could read a book or something that was quiet and called it a day. It's only noon.

They aren't that hungry so this should tell you how bad they are feeling. You can call them late but not late for dinner.

Not much to say. At least nothing I should say. Never know how auntie's visit is going to turn out so every time is a mystery. But I seem to notice that when she's present what little filter I do posses seems to get smashed to bits and I should just remain in solitary as not to offend the masses.

Yet, I have a blog, facebook account, and Twitter. Talk about the irony of it all. Thankfully, I only use my powers for good instead of evil. At least most of the time. (insert evil cackling)


Aleta said...

Well, for "that's all" that going on, it was a fun post to read, though I'm sorry you're family isn't feeling well. Mom could always tell when we weren't feeling well by our appetite too. When the throat hurts, no food is good.

Julie said...

Well, that doesn't sound good! Hope you're all feeling better soon!

rthling said...

Sounds like the flu.
Sorry bout that.
Feel better.
Kick Auntie to the curb.

Kaye Butler said...

Oh, it's been fun at our house this week.

Tim is the only guy.

Aunt Flo visited all 3 of us this week.

Tim has come home, looked around the living room and noticed all three of us foaming at the mouth, and ran for cover in our bedroom.

I think he even locked the door.

Kaye Butler said...

Tim was scared.

Friday, I let the girls invite their boyfriends over to watch movies.

We bought snacks.

All Chocolate.

Tyler, MM's main squeeze, wanted to know what all the chocolate was for and MM just stared him down. I saw fear flash across that young innocent face of his.

Brett, the youngest, never knew what hit him, when Taylor got cranky.

Joanna said...

Kaye - bwahahaha! Tim should have given them some pointers like how to toss the chocolate and run. Or he was trying to scare them young pups off. Smart thinking!

jubilee said...

So sorry about all the sickness! I think ya done good, calling it a day with comforters and hot chocolate!

Anna K. said...

We just got over the snots at my house. The Bubs was out of school a week with an ear infection to go along with his snots. Ick.

I hope you, the guys and Auntie Flow have a better time of it soon!

And, yes, you two do rock as parents.

Kerri said...

Hope you are all feeling better. The gag reflex wasn't too bad this time...just a shudder.

So...swine flu???? (Just kidding) Get better soon!!!