Monday, October 5, 2009

Where Does The Time Go?

Busy weekend. Took a much needed nap but then had to get several things done. Got them all done and I looked up at the clock when I hear it chiming. Well holy Hannah how is it 2 a.m.??? And why am I still up?

I hate this. I know that come morning I am not going to want to get up. I'm going to wrestle with the I-don't-want-to-itis then the who-cares-isms will roll right on it. Toss in the natural screw it gene and y'all this is going to be a fight of epic proportions.

Darn Mondays. I'm still claiming the fall happened on a Monday.

Just been a rough week. While it wasn't as busy as the week before, still felt it was brutal. It's looking like this week is shaping up to be busy. I'm not sure which I would prefer - brutal or busy. It's the brutally busy week that send me packing.

So in an effort to keep this short, I will tell what J said that both cracked me up and had me seriously thinking about punting his butt across the room.

I was ironing. And since my sidekick has yet to find something else to entertain himself with decided he wanted to watch me. After I made the usual jokes about Darth Vader and what have you, I noticed he was eyeing the iron rather funny. His eyes were huge.

Me: "What's the matter?"
J: "When I'm older I am NEVER going to iron."
Me: "Why not?"
J: "Are you kidding me?? That sucker is hot."
Me: laughing, "Yes, it is. But what are you going to do if you need a shirt ironed?"
J: "Have you do it, of course."
Me: "What about when you're all grown up? What if you need a nice shirt for work?"
J: "I'll get a wife so she can do that."

Say what????

Later that evening while talking with Hubs.
Me: "Would you like to know what your spawn said today?"
Hubs: "Which one did it this time?"
Me: "Not to mention any names, but it starts with a J and ends in ared."

Hubs: "Okay, what did Jared say?"
Me: "He said when he gets older he's not going to iron any of his shirts, he'll just get a wife to do it."

Hubs *snickering* "What's a matter with you, boy?"
J: "Well it worked for you."

Such proud parents we are. My Husband was able to pass along the piglet gene. If I tell my in-laws this story, I'm afraid my FIL will high five the boy and take him out for ice cream or something to reinforce this line of thinking.

Guess what he's going to learn this week on I am woman you will feel my retaliation?


Scrappy Girl said...

Yikes! I hate ironing. The men in Dr. Hubby's family all have that kind of "thinking" going on...I fooled him though...I hired someone to do HIS ironing! {insert evil laugh here}

Dianne said...

Seriously, you iron? Put mine in the dryer and take them out while they are still hot, shake and hang. God bless whoever invented polyester, too.

Kerri said...

That's hilarious. Mouthy, but hilarious.

Aleta said...

Ohhhh, teach him how to iron - PLEASE!!!! I do NOT iron. I refuse to iron! Nope, not one shirt. If Greg wants it ironed, he has to do it or off to the dry cleaning it goes.

jubilee said...

Ick. I loathe ironing. Hardly ever do it. Once The Cruise Director saw me with it and asked, "What is THAT?!"

Kristen said...

haha hilarious! I hate ironing! I need to find a husband who can learn to do it!