Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Poor Head!

I have searched high and low for something festive. Since the other blog site I was using went all private and all, I found myself without new backgrounds and headers. Backgrounds I found. Headers I have not.

So what is a scrapaholic suppose to do?

She pulls out her own crap. She takes a picture of it. Plays around with it on paint until she's used every swear word in the dictionary. She invents a few more. She drop kicks the cuss jar across the room out of frustration but then hops around in pain - adding more moolah for the cause. Finally gets it done and says, "Screw it! Ba freakin humbug!! I ain't no computer genius." and hits the darn save button.

I wish I were kidding.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go decorate the darn Christmas tree. Leave it to me to set a festive air for our home.

Slap my butt in some green fur and call me Grinch!!! Let the holiday hoopla begin!


jubilee said...

"Slap me in some green fur and call me Grinch!"

LOL You crack me up - and have read my mind. Yes, Ba-Humbug. :)

Kerri said...

heheheh I LOVE your new look!! You did it yourself??? DANG girl!
See you Tuesday, yes??

Anna K. said...

Hey, I think your idea was pretty inventive!

I spontaneously sprout green fur whenever I see how crazy people get in stores this time of year. Not to mention how they drive.....

grandmamargie said...

Looks good. You did an excellent job.

Jill V. said...

B..E...A...utiful! Yer sooo smart:-) Sorry to hear you have been having a rough time lately...I have been thinking of you alot..just been to busy to comment...sorry:-( BUT I am doing it now...does that count? You can always call me if ya want...or e-mail me even. Just remember that the enemy attacks us when HE feels most threatened (wimp) God must have something BIG he wants for you!!!

Julie said...

Cutest blog on the block went private? Bummer! ... You did a great job on your theme though! :D

Joanna said...

Jubes - I try. :)

Kerri - can you say stickers? We're a go for Tuesday.

Anna - That is why I think hibernation is a good thing!

Margie - Thank ya ma'am.

JILL!!! I have been thinking about you a lot too. I don't have your email and I'm not sure I have the right phone number for you any more. Big ol hugs to ya! I keep thinking of sending you a card but that darn old life sucks attitude sort of got in the way of my follow through. :} I will have to track you down. I have ways! Muwahahaha!
Or I'll just beg - on my blog. :D

Julie - The Cutest Blog on the Block is still open. I think I was using a site call Knotty Moose or something like it. Should have called it naughty moose. I do not have your computer skillz! I slapped down a piece of gold paper and put a couple Christmas stickers on it then took a picture. Had to crop it down and then add the blog title. All that for one big headache and I still think it looks a little hoopty.

Anonymous said...
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