Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Poor Schedule Is All Over The Place

I don't know if it's just 'that time of year' where the holidays are upon us or what. Remember my feelings of the whole calm before the storm? That feel is gone. Right now I feel like I've got a death grip on the dingy just trying to stay afloat with everything else going on. Crazy!

It seems that come midnight I'm actually tired and brain fried and can't motivate myself to blog. What is the deal with that? And this after I told myself that I look waaay too young to be having 2 14 yr olds. Humble pie - serving for 1?

I have not had a chance to write a blog post for N and M. I'm not happy with that either as I didn't do one last year. It also doesn't help that they usually tick me off right when I want to write one. Year 12 was not a fun year and I have mention a time or 50 of selling them to a roaming band of gypsies. Sort of kills the mood, ya know? "Dear N and M, today on your b-day I wonder, yet again, why in the world I was inflicted with this handful that was beyond my endurance." But that isn't very nice nor is it true as I'm still stinking here.

Hoopty did let me upload some pictures. Trouble is I still want to get a shot of M with his beloved guitar. He isn't cooperating. He's turning into Hubs a little too much. Every party having it's pooper and all.

I remember when they were little, they were total camera hams. Make that camera hogs. If one was in my hand - oh the poses. Now? I get the sneer of angst. Proving that testosterone is stupid juice. It kills off the fun loving little boy into I am teenager - pick up after me and feed me 12 times a day and I will make your life barely tolerable.

Oh I kid. It's not always that bad. I just don't like all the competition for being the crazy emotional one.

On top of that, I really don't feel that I have done the cookie baking thing justice. The best way I can describe this cookie is a very flaky pie crust wrapped around wooden rods and baked. Like so.

Once baked, we removed the rods and let them cool while I hopped around saying ow, ow, hot, hot. Then it's filled with the best filling I ever had. I do not want to know the calorie count. I bet it's 5,000 for 1.

I had said I was going to post the recipe and MIL suggested not to and have some at a gathering and then see if I can sell them to people. After I informed her I did have a life and there was no way I was going to be cranking these bad boys out for some green, she told me her sister made over $500 doing it. I'm now debating. It doesn't help that the recipe doesn't really explain how to do it. So even if I post it, there is no way to get the feel for it. Ya'll have recipes like that?

The guys did a really good job. And they cranked out a truck load of them. While most are gone, Grammy took home a box of them and I have one buried and locked in the freezer. They are so getting an A for this part of home ec.

This is Nicholas and Grammy, my MIL.

Michael and Jared were going to town. I think we used up every cookie sheet I had and I think I have over 10.

I told J to smile and he just said, "we're busy" right when the camera went off. Grammy tried to get them to have some all baked when they come back for Christmas visit and the boys shot that down saying they need her help a few more times before they have the swing of it.

My MIL and I worked pretty darn hard to get stuff pumped out. We were both bummed that we didn't get it all done. But what we did get done - oh my word! We stopped counting how many dozens.

Mr. Scrooge, aka Hubs, was even saying it was starting to feel like the holidays. The down side is that both my MIL and I got a bit sick from all this cookie goodness. We were using a lot of Crisco and let me tell you my bod did not like the extra grease. Organs I didn't know existed said excuse me, this is more than I can handle! And the heartburn! Oh my word, I haven't had it that bad since I was preggers with 2.

I guess I will be taking the low cal humble pie for one.

After watching Hubs suffer nary a bad affect, I was a tad bit bitter. He said it's because he's built up his immunity to all things cookie, fat, grease, sugary, spicy etc. Verses my delicate self as not been exposed to this level of goodness.

Suddenly the cookie coma is starting to make sense now.

Trouble is I feel like Garfield. Last night I snagged some of the apricot filled cookies and again was waylaid with more heartburn. Houston, we have a problem. Especially since there are a lot of those and I really like them. I probably shouldn't advertise that so I don't have people just showing up to hang out and get caught up on things.

I wasn't born last night, ya know.

Right now the guys are jamming out on the guitar and piano. We've been a bit half hearted on school stuff. Not to mention I have 2 very large baskets of clothes I need to full. Then there is all the other things I'm putting off like paying bills.

I have It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas going through my head which is nuts as the sun is out and shining and leaves all over the place. I blame it on all the commercials that are assaulting my senses already.

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Holiday angst is all a glow! The commercials are in full swing and I have to make a grocery list that is starting to grooow!
It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Food is calling me sooo. Take a bite of this and that and before you know it, you're fat, (already there) so you say ah screw it and slam back several more (I am so there).

Merry Tums to all and to all a heartburn free night! (If I can stay out of the dagburn cookies.)


Julie said...

Those sound good... Are they hard to make?

Joanna said...

YES! Crazy hard. You have to roll out the dough, smear crisco all over it and form a ball. Wrap it up and let it sit in the frig for and hour. Pull it out and repeat. Then roll it out, cut into strips and wrap it around wooden rods.

Kerri said...

Hmmm....and I was SERIOUSLY going to call you and come visit because we have the car today!

Jacob and I are going to start the cookie madness today....with orange-kissed fudge brownies.
Um... Yah.


those look delicious

why do i always read blogs when i am starving?

Lorraine said...

Please tell me my grandsons will be out of the house before the testosterone hits!! I am perfectly content with reading about your experience with teen twin boys...don't need to live it! Looks like cookie camp was a winner!

Libbie said...

Fun to read...can relate to the jumping around yelling -hot, hot :)

Libbie said...

Fun to read about making cookies with boys!