Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Thought I would blow the dust off of this blog to say a big ol' THANKS to my InterPeeps! Appreciate all the encouragement you guys tossed my way. Means a lot to me.

I hope y'all have a great Thanksgiving. I am very thankful that we're not going anywhere this year. I hear there is a shindig down in Indiana but I said nopity-no. I seem to be having people issues and I have one cousin who's children may possibly be spawn of the devil. I've dragged my kids to many of these things and they don't go over to well. Last year Dad busted Jared's tooth. So I'm thinking no was a wise choice.

Instead I'm going to stay here and slave over the stove. Clearly I didn't think that one all the way through. However, it beats driving for 4 hours one way. Sort of kills the turkey coma I was planning on.

Since the guys have shown a knack for pie crust, I am going to attempt a top secret family dessert. Except it's going to be a WE project. As in get your ever living carcass over here and help me you eating machines or so help me it's cold gruel for a week!

And I don't even know what that is.

Stacked Pie has 8 layers of pie all stacked together. Hubs, being in the presence of childhood goodness from wonder cookies, has turned to whining, begging, and pleading to get this pie. I think in the 15 years of marriage it was made twice. I just hope this goes okay as these are some messed up instructions. Not sure if it's written in some secret code or what. I've had to email a few baking queen gals as some stuff doesn't make sense to me.

I did find out that the world's best cookies do not like me. Made me sicker than a dog! I couldn't eat the next day as I was still suffering from all the Crisco in it. Talk about lubing the tube. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth on my end while the guys all did a lot of rejoicing of having to eat my share of it.

I think I felt a chill.

You would think I would lose weight from being unable to eat anything but I did say there was like 5,000 calories in 1. I think I may need more stretchy pants.

My MIL sent me a blanket wrap with snaps down the front. I'm in it right now. I think this will be my wardrobe for all of winter. I told Hubs I needed to find a ski mask to match it as it's a blue and green plaid. He said no. Like it matters if I look like a dork at home. I don't answer the door anyway. The anointing was working again as she got this baby for $7. All hail the shopping anointing!!!

On top of that our house went into foreclosure. The timing of it all was just very crappy. As if we haven't lost enough lately. I sent an email off to my in-laws for prayers and I got a phone call informing me they raided their retirement funds and will be mailing us a check to get caught back up. Unemployment only helped with food and utilities over the spring and summer and sort of hard to make up 2 months worth of paycheck. Very grateful they are bailing us out. I'm keeping the guilt at bay with cookies.

But all the stress of that has been triggering panic attacks. Sort of irritated with it as I thought this was something I had beat. I was telling a friend of mine that in the last few months I've had a hard time even leaving the house. She said she's gone through that herself. I don't know if it's the ghost of Christmas past with all the stuff we went through with my folks or what but just some unpleasantness going on.

Again, the timing of all this just stinks to high heaven. I did tell Kerri I'm sort of skert to do the next week in our bible study because we've had a really hard go last few weeks. Seems like we made something mad. We came close to being houseless, we're now churchless, and pretty darn near friendless. Been very eye opening on who's your friend and who isn't. Not to mention exposing stuff about myself that I would rather not look at. All topped off with panic attacks, teenage angst, and trying to juggle a few home school projects at once. That's how my last 2 weeks have been - how's yours?

All of this in time for the holidays! Yippee.

Ba humbug!

But thought I would tell ya I'm thinking about all of ya. I'll get back in the saddle before too long. Hopefully. Very thankful for what I do have. I have a wonderful family. I should know as I threaten to beat them simple if they aren't wonderful. Very dear friends who read this and send me everything from thinking about you to goofy emails. I so can not wait till we're all up in heaven just having a big ol' bloggy celebration hoopin and hollering with each other. All while the guys look at each other and say, 'you too?' heehee

Stay safe, and happy turkey coma!


grandmamargie said...

Oh, my heart went kerplunk when I read about the foreclosure. But I am happy that your in-laws are coming through for you guys. A lot of people are going through some of the same things, even some in my own family. And my youngest son lost his job too. But I think some of life's best lessons are the hardest ones. So, keep your chin up. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Kerri said...

She's baaaaaaack! YAY! I know I talk to you, but I miss your bloggy posts!

OH, I finally did day 5, and you were right! It WAS cool! I haven't done anything on the next week though...BUT...we have a lot to cover from the last week.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am thankful for YOU!!!
Love you

rthling said...

I's sorry to hear about the forclosure mess, but thankful your in-laws can help you out.
Don't worry about missing the family shindig. Your boys need their teeth. You are doing them a favor, really.
Unfortunately, I'm not so fortunate. I'm having dinner on Saturday with the family, and it includes my **gulp** mother and brother.
Oh, brother!
At least it's at my sister's house, and we can secretly make fun of them with our inside jokes.
Thinking of you and yours this Thanksgiving.
And I'm thankful that you are so honest.

Dianne said...


Joanna said...

Margie - Oh no!! I'll be praying for him. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Kerri - you're funny. Oh yes we do have a lot to cover. Love ya deary!

D - oh my word woman - Run!!! I will be praying for you and sis. You gals need to come up with better excuses or something. Well thanks for the kind words. You one of the few.

Dianne - Yes you are!! :)

Should I go off and say you like me! You really like me!!!
No? Oh, um, ooookay. :}

Young Wife said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the house, the panic attacks, the church, everything. I just said a prayer for you. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!