Monday, November 9, 2009

Where Do I Begin?

When we last left our heroine, she was battled and bruised but feeling rather smug at having kicked the kitty in the shmizle (yeah I made that up) and thinking this roaring lion thing wasn't that big of a deal.

Um, yeah.

Kitty regrouped. Kitty wasn't a kitty. Kitty is sort of a lion. Lion sort of roared a bit. But I can say I'm not sliding into the pit of despair. That truly is saying something.

Holy smokes, Peeps! This has been one crazy week.

We did have a great visit with the in-laws. Boys had a wonderful b-day which will have to be for another post. I'm trying to get pictures uploaded but hoopty is having none of it.

The shopping anointed worked just fine and dandy. Too bad we didn't have our money anointing with us. I spent more than what I wanted to and I never stinking do that. I had this massive brain fart and suddenly thought I had more than what I did and when I got to the check out all I could think was oh cwap as I paid for it.

But they were really good deals!!!

Thankfully Hubs wasn't bothered by it. I think my FIL was bothered by it. Especially since he gave me money to go shopping with and I spent that and more.

It was the anointing - I had to yield to it.

Although we got zilch in the shoe department and jewelry department. MIL found a purse while I didn't. I have weird standards in a purse as I only have one and I use it until it dies.

We ended up doing some serious cookie baking. I don't even want to get near a scale. Granted that's every day but this time *shudder* I don't want to think about it. The guys did really great - the first day. After their birthday shopping they had no use for us and were suddenly too busy to help with the cookie making process. Whatever. That's why we did the hard stuff first. Muwahaha!

Sad to say, we ran out of time. I think there was 4 more batches (that were all doubled) that we didn't get to do. But MIL is loaded up with cookies that she's going to freeze and will save her come Christmas. I only froze 2 Tupperware full as we are pounding on all the rest.

In the middle of all this, my hand mixer died. I looked at my MIL and said, "your son touched it and kiwd it". Hubs wanted to try this coffee ice cream mix that had to use the blender. Our blender, that we hardly ever use, turned out to be rusted up so the blade won't rotate. Not to be deterred, he dumped it into a cup, grabbed the hand mixer, only put in 1 beater and mixed. While it worked, the whole thing is now wonky. At first it would only spin 1 beater and then gave it up where it wouldn't do anything.

So we sent my FIL to the nearest store and he bought me another one so the cookie palooza could continue. Trouble with the new one is it sort of flung dough rather than mix dough. It brags it has turbo power which I'm sort of skert of. Why do I hear Tim Allen doing that man roar thing?

The kitchen looks like it exploded. This is going to take days to clean up.

My Dad tried calling and we didn't take the phone call. While the message he left was pleasant there was some snark to it and the tone. This got me upset and in turn got the boys upset. In the last week I've talked to my in-laws, a couple friends, and a couple aunts on the whole subject of my folks and everyone has different opinions on what the bible says to do to handle it.

Actually, my MIL had some pretty deep insight on my feelings towards my Dad and why I've been struggle about it. Guess I've been hoping to get back what was gone. Sort of like dragging around that dead raccoon. Yet another graveyard.

On top of that, we had to sit down with N last night and have a serious talking to - again. Only this time it was really clear he needed some serious prayer. It was a long night. I can already tell a difference in him. Hoping he gets his rear end in gear. I tell ya, this teenage thing is just brutal. The hard part is how his decisions effects everyone else and he can't seem to get that through his head. I think it is now.

If this drama wasn't enough, it turns out the boys have all been having bad dreams. Really hate it when there is a problem going on and I'm the last to find out about it. They haven't bothered to tell us about it but while they talked about it amongst themselves it ended up scarying the willies out of J so he's been afraid to sleep. On top of that, J tells us how he's been getting picked on by a couple different boys and they've been shoving him at bible study and at church.


I wonder if we can install some baby monitors in the upstairs room as I can know these things while they are going on rather than oh by the way it's clean up time from emotional meltdowns.

We have the bible on CD so I had it playing in the hallway and just looped it while we all slept last night. Boys woke up in a good mood and all of them said they slept wonderfully for the first time in a long time.

As Hubs and I were getting ready for bed, we both said we can tell the battle has been upped but have got to be so stinking close to some serious breakthrough. Both of us have been getting some huge insight on things and feel closer to God than we ever have before - is it any wonder all hell has been breaking loose?

Then the laundry monster showed up and just karate chopped me this morning. I'm either buried under a mountain of laundry OR a mountain of dishes. Kerri informed me that this is a butt kicking week on the bible study. Mercy! Or maybe that should be Medic!

While I'm staggering I'm still upright so that has to count for something. Right?? If not there are always those cookies.


Julie said...

The Bible on CD, and playing it at night... What a good idea!... May have to look into doing that too.

Anna K. said...

And that's why you're awesome, Jo! You found out that your boys were struggling with something and what did you do? You met it head on with prayer and scripture.

Simply brilliant!

Joanna said...

Julie you can get them cheap. I think I got the whole New Testament for $20.

Anna - aww, thanks!! :}

Shellie said...

Sounds like things are heading uphill! My blender died too, I'm trying to decide what to get to replace it and when I can afford it.

Kerri said...

Hey lady! Great idea about the Bible...I think you told me that before. I haven't dared do another day in the study yet...I'm letting yesterday's stop kicking my butt first!
Love ya

Kerri said...

Oh yah, and tell whoever is messing with J they better stop or I'm gonna git em!

Young Wife said...

I'm so sorry J is getting picked on at church. That's just awful. I had very disturbing nightmares as a young child, so I can empathize with your boys. I just said a prayer for them. The Bible on CD is a great idea!