Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Just A Quick Post

I had a Christmas post with pictures but Hoopty said no to the pictures again. So I have a post just sitting here waiting on pictures. I will get to that post published once I have time to properly smack Hoopty.

The guys had a blast with their Nerfpalooza. We're still finding darts everywhere. Other than Hubs taking a few shots in the eye ball and J getting tagged in the family jewels a few times they had tons of fun. It was pretty funny listening to all the smack talk.

Boys and their toys!

In-laws are here and we are having a great time. Boys made out like fat rats. Sort of a relief as we mainly got them clothes and the nerf stuff. Grammy to the rescue on a few things. I feel bad as she brought up stuff to make more cookies but I am baked out. I don't even want to look at another cookie sheet!

MIL and I had to head to the store real quick today. We were just leaving and I had this sense of dread wash all over me. My heart was pounding and I thought I was on the verge of a panic attack. I started scanning every car that went by me and sure enough - my folks drove right past me!

Son of a nutcracker!!

I managed not to wreck the van, pulled out my phone and called Hubs with the heads up 7up - they are coming to you. My MIL started cracking up laughing at the timing of it all. Thankfully the laughter snapped me out of the oh crud feeling. I felt bad as I was hoping Hubs and I could talk to them before they came out to the house.

Hubs called about 10 minutes later and said it was all clear to come home. Dude did not let them in the house and just talked to my Dad for a little bit. From what he said my Dad is a lot more vocal about being against the government. Great. Hubs pretty much told my Dad there is no having a relationship with them and Dad said whatever and left. My Mom never even got out of the car. I don't think it's a done deal but I'll at least give Hubs credit for drawing the line in the sand.

Got to hop off as we're about ready to play another round of games with the kids.


rthling said...

Wow! Score one for Hubs!
Glad you weren't there for the show, though.

Shellie said...

Sounds like things turned out way less stressfully than they could have...Hubs saved ya there.

grandmamargie said...

Isn't God good, that foreboding feeling, I believe was Him speaking to you. Have a great time with your in-laws.

Kerri said...

YAY Hubs!!!! And I'm glad you didn't have to even deal with it!

jubilee said...

Yay for (your) Hubs!

Anonymous said...
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