Friday, December 18, 2009

This Can't Be Good

I have tried to write 3 posts. I get half way through it and then I can't continue. Too personal and too raw. I can't get my therapy sessions done. This can't be a good sign.

I'm in the middle of some serious bake-o-rama stuff. If this doesn't shut the whining and complaining from the guys than it's time to break out the duct tape. They were singing my praises until I told them they couldn't have any of it until I set stuff aside to give to Hubs' boss.

The complaining started up again.
I gave the eyebrow arch of excuse me?
Batting of eyelashes was then played as they slowly reached for some cookie goodness.
Eyebrow arched even higher as did the spoon to smack the hands away.
The glare of disdain was given and quiet angst fell from the children.

They'll get over it. They have inhaled all the stuff that has been made in record time. It's the one batch of cookies that takes me the longest is what they are seriously hinting over. Silly me, I forgot my only purpose in life was to feed them. When did they turn back into newborns???

Man, the thought of that gave me a violent chill.

If I have to hear "I am so excited for the Nerf war" 5 more times, I'm concern I may snap.

At least they are excited so that counts for something, right?


Kerri said...

Can't IMAGINE how fast cookies must go up at your house with all those men! They go up fast enough here with just a husband and a 3 year old!

Praying for you guys.
Love ya

jubilee said...

Mmmmm . . . cookies!

Sorry things are so difficult, I'll be praying. You do have a chocolate stash, right?

Julie said...

I think Joe would take the hand smacks, and sneak a cookie anyway. *lol* He would consider it worth it... He is a HUGE cookie monster. ;)

Young Wife said...

Praying for you. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!