Monday, December 21, 2009


I have baked. Oh, how I have baked. And I still have more baking to go. I made up a truck load of goodies and gave up a sampling to Hubs' boss which they loved. We had our Christmas party Saturday. Just the 4 of us went out and we ditched our kids. We loaded them up with pizza and Mountain Dew and then peeled out of the drive-way.

Thankfully the house is still standing - and so is the tree.

After we had dinner we ended up going back to their house and played cards, talked, laughed and had a really good time. It was soooo nice. I was starting to think I forgot what it was like to laugh. We haven't played cards in years. We use to play all the time with my folks. A lot of it is partners so can't really play it with the boys.

The boys only called once and asked when we were coming home and we didn't have an answer. We told them to brush their teeth and head to bed. They told me later they stayed up until 1 waiting on us and gave up. I find the irony of that very amusing. I'm sure the roles will be reversed before you know it. They did have fun but said it was weird that we were gone for so long.

I'll remind them of this later in life.

Most of the goodies are dwindling already and Monday is the day of I'm getting their favorite cookies done since I have nothing better to do. (Insert eye roll) I'm just wondering if the goodness of cookie will make it till Christmas! I made some Butter Pecan fudge that is really good. I am trying to have self-control but failing miserably at it.

I made some turtles and something new. I have no name for it. Recipe is close to the turtles. Take pretzels squares softened a Hershey's Hugg on it and squished it down with an M&M. Mercy! The turtles are a regular pretzel with a softened Rolo that gets squished with a pecan. I even took pictures! But Hoopty is saying it can't see them and won't upload it from the camera. It's saying the camera doesn't even exist and thinks I'm making it up.

I'm about ready to reboot Hoopty - with Hubs' boot.

It may only go to Facebook - I'll have to see. Right now I'm too tired to mess with it. I'll post how to do it when I can get the pictures to work.

We're on break and the guys are all plotting and planning. I have heard all about it more than the 5 times. I haven't snapped yet but I've been suppressing the feeling with those pretzel things. Hubs is going to help the boys clean out the toy room which means time to grab some trash bags and let the tossing of the broken toys begin!

Friday the boys got "their" shopping done. J was the funny one. He didn't want anyone to see what he got so he was darting in and out of aisles. I saw him commando crawl over to the check out lane. Thankfully no one ran over him. I really should stop calling him speed bump.

In-laws are coming up day after Christmas AND my Dad called and they should be coming up, I think, the 30th. My in-laws may be heading out the door just as my folks arrive. God help me!

Dad is trying to get us to move back to Indiana. Never have I been so tempted!! I was talking about it with Hubs and he said no for 2 reasons. 1) is he doesn't want to live in Indiana as it's flat and very boring to hike in and 2) we would be placing ourselves very close to my parents and why in the world would we do that?

He does have a point. On number 2. Lets just say his definition of a hill and mine are totally different. What I say is a mountain he says is a hill. His family loves it when we come to visit and they take me on what they call a serious hill. Then they laugh at me when my ears pop like 3 times. Talk about your local excitement. What hilarity will be around the next corner?

Although Hubs did get me totally freaked out once before we were married. On one side there was mountain. On the other side tree tops. And we're on this tiny rode in a land yacht. I'm not sure how many times I made the sign of the cross and squealed don't kill me but I do know it was more than 5.

Needless to say the visits out to PA have been few. I still say those are mountains NOT hills.

So now that he has crossed off leaving the state, everything else is up in the air right now and we're in a wait and see what happens game. Which is enough to make me want to whack myself in the head repeatedly until I either lose consciousness or totally forget why life sucks.

Funny thing is I felt God was telling me today to pick up my sword. He said I've taken enough blows, it's time to pick up the sword and start swinging. How interesting.


grandmamargie said...

Good post. I enjoyed reading it. I took Miss A Dorable shopping yesterday for Poppa and Daddy. She "helped" me wrap them which means she kept getting the tape all messed up. Anyway, she showed Daddy his present and told him, "But you can't see it." He said ok and she said, "But it is a vaccum for your car." How funny. Then Poppa found the receipt, (that I had accidently left on his dresser) so there are no more "secrets".

Debbie said...

Sounds like you are having a great holiday, Joanna! I hope your Christmas is wonderful.

Kerri said...

You. Cannot. Leave. Michigan. Ever. (Or at least until I die.) It is not allowed. Illegal, even.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, hopefully I will talk to you again before then...maybe we could even sneak out for a coffee or something!

Love ya.

rthling said...

my baking begins today.
with shopping for ingredients.
i feel a sugar migraine a-coming.

jubilee said...

My baking is almost finished. Just need to decorate sugar cookies. Why I made 8 dozen, I have no idea.

Glad you are picking up that sword, sistah. You go girl. You and God can do anything.

Julie said...

I will be doing most of my baking on Wednesday... I will enjoy the down time until then!

Joanna said...

Margie - thanks! Oh she told him anyway? Got to love it. I take it she's feeling better? Who wants secrets anyway? ;)

Debbie - hope yours is great too! You got the whole clan back?

Kerri - I was going to bring you with me, silly. I'm open!

D - good luck with that!

Jubes are you having as hard of a time as I am on staying out of the cookies? Just me??? Dang!

Julie - what all are you making? Did your link changed? I went to click on your name and it brought up a different one. Are you coming to the Blogger side of blog? hee hee

Dianne said...

U should SO move to Arkansas. You can make me cookies. My house is very lonely. No cookies baking here...

Anonymous said...
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