Thursday, December 3, 2009


I really did have a blog post for today, but I was actually struck with a moment of wisdom and sat on it before I hit publish. My fingers poured over the keyboard with wit and snarkiness and I was very real and honest with an awkward situation I had at the wally world for the loading of the carts.

Trouble with the light of day is that it didn't seem all that witty, plenty of snark but it just oozed of something else. Soo very glad I actually listened. Then I would be sitting here with like 1 mercy comment all while the crickets gave up from exhaustion.

Thought I would share a Thanksgiving blunder I had. I posted the stacked pie on facebook. Not being very fair to the bloggy peeps which is odd because all of you are on facebook. Anyhoo, this is the ugly pie that was so rich I couldn't even eat a whole piece.

I really have no idea what I did to it because my aunt's pie wasn't as yellow as this.

But my blunder came from another family treat. My nemesis - other than the squirrel - has been a butterscotch meringue pie. I have tried making this beast like 5 times in the last 10 years and every time it turns out into a soupy disaster. I even sat and watched it being made a few times all to no avail. I thought I would just use a box pudding mix to see if this would solved the problem.

It didn't.

Yet another disaster! But I made so much food the guys really didn't notice the botched dessert. Hubs was to busy with the stacked goodness. I think he was whispering sweet nothings to it at one point. Sort of sad and pathetic all at the same time. But I'm glad he enjoyed it. He thanked me a brazilian times.

I think I'm going to use that one forever.

I would like to offer you a piece of this but dude actually ate the whole thing. I think I had 2 pieces. Hubs is now in mourning as the beloved pie is all gone.

I tried to have a moment of sympathy but I couldn't pull it together to even be believable.

But now the guys are all dropping hints about cookies. Wha? You want me to drop everything and start cranking out cookies?? Yeah, I'll get right on that. Geez! Except the guys are still hoarding those new CDs. I think they are making good on their threat. Dang it.

I really hope I can find my baking mojo. I know the guys all feel that is part of Christmas. I feel like a jerk as they are all excited for Christmas. They are enjoying the decorations and we're going to go hit a big sale next weekend for clothes. They really don't have much on their list which is a blessing. I'm just feeling a lot of pressure to make good memories.

And we've had a few bad days. I think I may have told God to piss or get off the pot. And I'm still alive to tell the tale! Well let me rethink that - my Dad tried calling a few times. Wimp that I am just stared at the phone and said, "Hmm, let me think on that. Oh darn missed the call."

I seriously do not need any of that junk tossed in for good measure. I'm already trying not to crawl into a fetal position breathing through a paper bag. I guess he is on the countdown of being released and he will be at grandparents house for Christmas. We are so not going down to Indiana this year. Come to think of it we didn't go last year either. I'm seeing a whole new trend!

But again I feel all the pressure to make the holidays nice for the guys. Sort of hard to do that when I'm still sporting my green fur telling Hooville to pucker up and kiss it.


Kerri said...

"Telling Hooville to pucker up and kiss it." You are too much!

Okay, so the pie....are all the layers the same flavor? How do you make it so tall? (And even??!??!!)

You need to check out the post at "So Now You Know" (on my sidebar) you will LOVE this chick!!

Joanna said...

Same flavor. It was a royal pain to bake 8 layers at 2 different temps for different times. I had to make a syrup and drizzled it over each layer and then 'stacked' it in a spring form pan. Except my crust went too far over and I had to um creatively cut the crust to get it to fit. Ever cut pie crust? Not fun!!

Young Wife said...

I love baking. Really. But I didn't make anything special for Thanksgiving since we were out of town, and I have no idea if I'll be baking anything for Christmas. I guess I made bread this week. Does that count?

Joanna said...

Oh yes! Bread counts for double as yeast is so weird to work with.