Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Yet Another Long Post About Not Much

Can I just say a big ol' thank you to my InterPeeps? You are the best. Appreciate all the nice words you've been tossing at me. Don't stop - I'm still needy.

After surviving the rearranging of the blawg, it happened to give a loud ahem informing I haven't done much of anything with it for a while. Sure it got all spiffy for the holidays but said it hasn't had my usual wreck of grammar for all the world to see.

I told Hubs there are days I feel like the blog has a life of it's own. If it starts singing Feed Me Seymour, I swear I will blow it up and run screaming away from my computer. The pressure to post. The pressure for it to make sense. The pressure of proper grammar. The relief to think I did an okay job, then the reality that proof reading at 1 am is not the way to go.

Then there is the pressure to get my blog name out there so more people will read my therapy gone blog. Then the realization of that may not be the most brilliant plan that I have come up with crosses my mind. The reality that making it big in blog land ain't gonna happen, the recovery from this awareness.

It's exhausting.

But to be honest, I don't think I would want that. If I'm feeling pressure now with 5 people what would I feel if 20 people were reading this hot mess? I don't know if I could handle that. But you guys are the most awesome peeps in the world and I never would have "met" you if it wasn't for this train wreck of a blog.

I find there are few people that speak Joanna. It's sort of a weird language. You have to be very fluent in sarcasm. The level of snark that I can bring can be intense and seems to drive away most people. My posse is so small we sort of turned it into a recovery program. For the most part, I'm okay with that. While I have a tough shell on the outside, there is a soft nougat on the inside.

One I keep buried underneath a bag of cookies that I will use to distract people with at a moments notice. Step away from the nougat!! It's gooey and leaks.

Right after I typed the word nougat I had to look up the definition as I found the word weird. It said sugar paste with nuts. That would be me - super sticky nut job. It's like napalm but with humor.

And it just dawned on me that I totally lost my train of thought. Totally gone. There was a point, I swear. I mean at least not lately, but that's not the point. There really was a point. Which.is.now.gone.forever.


Moving right along....

We had a nice quiet Thanksgiving as the guys were busy shoveling in the food. I actually did the stacked pie. Ugliest thing I ever saw. The directions were only suggestions as it gave me no clue what I was doing. Tasted good but I don't ever want to do it again. Hubs wants me to do another one as he really wants a couple people to try it to see what they think.

I'm thinking no.

After a looong turkey coma, we played Scattergories with the kids. We had a ball. Jared took the cake with one answer. You had to put down 'something you keep hidden' and the letter was N. We were giving our answers and when it came to his turn he said, "This is going to be disturbing but....nipples."

I'll pause as you try to regain your composure because we all lost it.

I think 2 of us choked on our spit we were laughing so hard. I had to smack Hubs and said only your child would come up with that. It didn't help that dude lifted his shirt to go along with his answer. We're still chuckling about it.

The guys had such an awesome time with it and were a bit frightened from all the noise I was making dealing with the blog make over, they asked if we could play again the next day. Nicholas and I were talking about it and we came up with the idea of using the letter T - for Thanksgiving - for the whole game. That was a mistake. Rather hard as a lot of us were getting the same answers. But we had fun.

Got the tree decorated. We kept it simple this year. Didn't feel like doing much. Still just reeling from a few things. God keeps telling me to keep at it and that we're on the right track. Really? Cuz I was thinking we had to have missed a turn somewhere along the line here. Just ugh and double ugh. With a holy crap thrown in for good measure.

Did not go shopping on Black Friday as that is a long standing tradition. Besides Hubs had to work. I did slip away Sunday afternoon to hit a good sale to pick up a few CDs for $8 a piece. Casting Crowns also has a new one out that I grabbed as well. Boys have snagged them already. Darn it. I haven't listened to any of them yet. I hear they were being held hostage but Hubs has negotiated them back for some home made cookies. I was going to use the shock and awe approach but Hubs has proven to be more diplomatic.

In the news of I actually accomplished something, I got all the guys' shorts packed away. Just in time for the first snow flakes. Procrastinators unite!! Tomorrow! Maybe. Then again the rest of the year has sort of opened up for me. Or we can wait until next year.

You get the point.

I got the unpleasant task of dealing with the boys' room. Going through who can wear what and who can't. I think the work LEGO is finally starting to fade from my foot. And they say skin is elastic. I think my skin is more like memory foam. I read on a home school site about someone using tackle boxes to deal with Legos. Said it kept the smaller pieces organized from the bigger pieces. The guys all think this is totally brilliant on my part.


Originally thought has yet to return so I'll call this yet another long winded blog post. Or same crap different day.


Kerri said...

Nipples. Bwaaaaahhhhhh!!!!
I couldn't even SAY that word until Jacob was like 8 months old and almost off the bottle. Sounds like fun though!
See ya tonight...I'll call ya in a few.

Dianne said...

I am so glad I speak fluent Joanna. Wouldn't miss the ride for the world.

jubilee said...

Oh, yes, being fluent in Joanna sure helps.

I love Scattergories! Can never win it to save my life though. Your post gives the phrase "the 'n' word" a whole new meaning. Love it.

Young Wife said...

Board games are our favorite part of holidays with the family. You had me rolling with the memory foam skin!