Sunday, January 3, 2010

It Was A Time To Remember

I realize that I am a tad bit late on the whole Christmas post. The nostalgia of the moment has come and gone and here we are already in a new year and I'm just now getting around to it.

What can I say other than I take slacker to a whole new level. It's a gift.

But I can say we have ALL our Christmas stuff down, packed away and the place was actually clean - for a day. Darn mutant dust bunnies! I think we ended up finding over 30 darts. There were only 5 in the Christmas tree.

It was weird taking the tree down. Seemed like last week I put it up. Amazing how stress can make the days fly by.

Hubter even rearranged the living room and it looks nice. I think he did it just to find more darts so he can shoot our children. He's such a giver. He is so good at that while the thought of it causes my brain to scream tilt. Granted, it doesn't take much for that to happen to my brain but it sort of goes all extra spastic like when organization is tossed in there. Not a pretty sight.

Now where was I?

I thought all you parents would like to know that the boys have admitted that it is WORSE to know what you are getting for Christmas then being surprised. I am still cackling with glee over this. All the years of begging and pleading of could I just tell them one present. It was all I could do to contain myself from screaming, "I told you so!!"

A comment that drives dread into every heart.

We had a big old feast on Christmas Eve that way there was enough left overs that I didn't have to do a blooming thang for Christmas day. It was a bit crazy as I was still trying to finish off all the baking, and we were cleaning for the in-laws coming up. Thankfully, with Hubs' help, it all came together and the guys all horfed down their food in record time. Making me wonder why did I go to the trouble.

Nicholas is at the point where we just through food at him. Today he cleaned his plate, ate what was left and finished off the food from Jared's plate and the 2 bites off of Michael's. Then he asks for dessert.

God help us and our grocery bill!!

We always give the boys their stocking after our meal on Christmas eve. It's usually a lot of gum and candy. They were too full to really bother with it. But Jared was happy in case you couldn't tell.

But I didn't have to get up and slept in as they only wanted their Dad and the great war of Nerf was under way. Is it wrong that I still feel really smug about it?

I still am the coolest mom because after lunch I jacked them all up on pixie stixs, handed them their Nerf weapon of choice, and left the room.

I have to say it has been hilarious to listen to. The smack talk has just been a riot. Talk about hot air! Although I'm concern that J has tapped into some deep inner rage that we weren't aware of and has just been going nuts. It could have been due to the pixie stixs.

Then again it could be because he took a couple hits to the dude sack. It didn't help the sound he made right before he flopped on the floor. Do you know how hard it is to show concern when you're too busy laughing? I told him one more exposed hit like that and I was going to shove a hot pad down his pants and tie it to Mr. Winky.

It took them about 20 minutes to recover from all the laughter. The mental image was more than enough to do them all in. It seems potty humor is golden at this age.

But he did take a couple hard hits to the head and Hubs did take a couple eyeball shots. Who knew the twins had such mad Nerf skillz? They didn't have that many injuries but the bragging has been so full of bull I almost needed to find my boots it was getting so thick. I got a kick out watching my Hubby release his inner child and I think he's had more fun than they have. It's been nice to see him smile as the last couple months haven't been too great.

All in all, they have had a blast.

So did I as I read, drank tea and chowed on some goodies, listening to all the mayhem going on all while wrapped up in my ghetto Snuggie. Actually they said it's my Jedi Snuggie. We found one with a hood and I am looking a bit Jedi-ish with it on. I'm thinking of wearing that plus the wrap my MIL sent me AND the ski mask BUT the ski mask has mysteriously disappeared. I have my suspicions but sadly my Jedi mind tricks aren't working yet.

The boys have claimed this was the best Christmas ever! Thankfully they say that every year.

I was so worried with things being tight that they wouldn't be happy. Far from it. They have played and played and played. If Hubs doesn't go back to work soon I might force a peace treaty. The carnage has been a bit fierce. Also Jared has slightly scared us with his pixie high. He starts talking like a chipmunk and can't stand still. All part of his mad dodging skillz. But he has proudly admitted he doesn't really aim he just sort of hoses the area down.

This was after the one and only upstairs war. They didn't like it being in the hallway so brought it back down stairs.
This was the only picture I was brave enough to take. Nicholas was bum rushing Jared. Hubs jumped out from the left side and tagged him but I missed that shot. I tried to peek around the corner to get another one but Michael was aiming for me. I threatened to take away his pixie stixs to which the snot replied they're all gone so nanner nanner.

I gave him the eyebrow arch and said I have ways of making him beg for mercy. They were getting a bit smug until I pulled out a hidden bag of pixie stixs. Needless to say, the backpedaling went into full gear.

Never mess with the Jedi-mom!


Kerri said...

Sounds like a blast! No pun intended. And just what, may I ask, are pixie stars?? You've got me a bit worried....

Cute pics...I LOVE the one of J with his stocking. SO adoring!
Love ya!

Joanna said...

Seriously? You've never had pixie stix? Powdered sugar stuff in a little tube. Hubs calls it kiddie crack - although he had the most. :)

Anna K. said...

The Nerf Wars continue! Yay!

I'm almost giddy that you got a few pics of the boys up...was secretly hoping that you'd brave the cross-fire to snap a few pics.

Kaye Butler said...

OMG I can't believe that Kerri doesn't know what a Pixie Stix is the root of all evil...

Kiddie crack....lololololololol that's about right.

We always got a GINORMOUS pixie stix from my grandparents that would cause my mother to not speak to them for at least a week or until she needed money again... are the coolest Jedi-Mom eva! Those nerf thingys would get on my nerves. I can only imagine what Tim and the girls would do to me with one. I'd never be able to come out...

They already run me out of the house with deadly gas bombs....

Young Wife said...

You always make me laugh! What a great post. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas, Jedi Mom.

Anonymous said...

The authoritative point of view, curiously..

jubilee said...

Great pics. And I must say that even though there are three males in our house, I've never heard the anatomical term, "dude sack." LOL

Debbie said...

Sounds like a great Christmas! I am jealous that your house is undecorated and clean!

Julie said...

I wonder what Joe and the kids would think of those nerf dart things... I'm almost afraid to mention it to them, because I fear they would love them! *lol* (and I'm sure I would get beamed, no matter how well I hid! *lol*)